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osm traces carte
Pays France
Région Rhône-Alpes
Département Rhône
J’édite avec ID et StreetComplete.
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is a hiker.
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is a bicyclist.
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rides public transport.
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eo-1 Ĉi tiu uzanto havas bazan konon de Esperanto.
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is not a cat.

I am an Openstreetmap enthusiast. I've been using OSM for years, but have only recently started contributing, mainly using StreetComplete, but also with ID. I'm based around FR:Lyon.

Personal projects

How I work


I use an Android phone (LG G5) connected by the application Bluetooth GPS to an external Bluetooth GPS : a Globlasat BT-338. This GPS is fairly simple, and doesn't offer much functionalities, but replaces the phone's internal GPS which is notably unreliable (due to poor soldering of the GPS chip apparently.


On my phone, I use StreetComplete to improve the map. However, to add or edit features, I also frequently use my computer, with IStreetCompleteD, or less frequently with JOSM.


This is a list of links or projects around OSM which I find interesting.