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I don't give a flying monkey's for tag voting, automatic changebots, endless discussions, categories, or any of that crap, but prefer to get on and actually do stuff.
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Anarchy Rorym prefers to actually do stuff.
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No Wikifiddling Rorym
ignores tag voting procedures.

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I am going to ignore the endless
rounds of proposals and voting
procedures. Instead, I will use
Taginfo and similar
tools to actually do some
productive mapping.

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I support OSM by being a
member of the
OpenStreetMap Foundation
Are you?

Hi I'm Rorym. I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland, but now living in Karlsruhe, Germany, and working in Geofabrik.


What I'm working on


I'm helping to map townlands in Ireland, and have created to show off what we've done and debug it.


I've traveled in Africa and I'm going to trace over some of the cities I've been too. I'm currently working on the Livingstone/Victoria Falls region of Zambia/Zimbabwe, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

My Maps

Overpass Queries

Missing waterway relations


Suitable for JOSM "Download from Overpass API":

  // all ways that are tagged river, and have a name
  // minus all the ways that are in a relation
  ( relation["type"="waterway"](bbox) ; > );
// print results
out meta;
out meta;