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The purpose of this key is to mark protected areas with a focus on single natural resources, including human living space itself, because of an important natural material or characteristic. Mostly appointed on community level.


See below for the values of the protected_resource key:

Value Description
soil Soil: crop yield, erosion protection, ...
water Water: water protection area, fresh water, drinking water, springs, ...
climate_and_air Climate and air: gasper supply/cold air, ...
for emission-, immission control in OSM existent, see "Low Emission Zone" (LEZ)
species Species: no fishing, protected for fishery, protected for hunting, plants, ...
location_condition Location condition: Floodwater retention area, protection forest, grazing land, ...
longtime_hazard Longtime hazard area: Contamination, earth-moving area, "problem sites", ...
yes One out of the above categories without further specification or not yet classified. Protected areas of IUCN category -999 belong here (The indigenous areas with IUCN -999 should be categorized protected_culture=political though).

Protection title

Key Values Description
protection_title=* wildlife sanctuary, zapovedniki, Nationalpark, special protected area, world heritage convention, aesthetic forest, heritage river, indian reserve, ... Title or type of protection, not the proper name. The national destination, the formal title or type of protection.

Important! You should add this. Finally there will be a collection of terms. The individual labelling, e.g. the phillipine "Nipas Category".

Terminologies in various countries

The table below provides guidance on the use of protected_resource in different countries. If your country is undocumented then refer to of the WDPA where you can look it up by its proper name. If there are no results, ask the appropriate (government) administration, use the talk page or your local mailing list for discussion and then add it below. If it doesn't fit in any of the given categories add it to column "(other)". Try to add and "harmonise" your country's protection system to the table.

Country soil water climate_and_air species location_condition longtime_hazard (other)
Australia other national, ...
Canada Game Preserve, ... other national, ...
Germany Bodenschutz Trinkwasserschutz, Trinkwassergewinnung, Heilquellenschutz, ... Kaltluftentstehung/Frischluftversorgung, Immissionsschutz-, ... Angelverbot, Fischereischutzzone, Jagdschutzgebiet, ... Retentionsraum, Schutzwald, Standort, Kontaminationsfläche, Bodenbewegungsgebiet, ... weitere, nicht klassifiziert

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