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The purpose of this key is to mark protected areas of important social interest.


See below for the values of the protected_culture key:

Value Description
community_live Community live: religious, sacred areas, associative locations, recreation
cultural_values Cultural values (cultural assets and - efforts, districts historical heritage, monument conservation):
protection of sites with special architecture or historic interest, designed and created intentionally by man: urban layout, buildings, landscape, gardens, art-goods, ...
economical Protection in favor of economics: special economic zones, ...
political Political protection:
reservation / indigenous area / aborigine: self-governing communities with land + indigenous
state-boundaries: in OSM existent, see "boundary=administrative". ...
military Military areas: Military refuges, test area,
with regard to contents its right, but in OSM it's already in use with the key military=*.
historic Historic: For colonial-stuff and protectorates. Otherwise like erstwhile-, former- or ancient-protected areas please better use cultural_values.
public_land Public land: Public ground owned by Government entity (see discussion: It is no guaranty for protection, is an owner-info!).
yes One out of the above categories without further specification or not yet classified.

Protection title

Key Values Description
protection_title=* wildlife sanctuary, zapovedniki, Nationalpark, special protected area, world heritage convention, aesthetic forest, heritage river, indian reserve, ... Title or type of protection, not the proper name. The national destination, the formal title or type of protection.

Important! You should add this. Finally there will be a collection of terms. The individual labelling, e.g. the phillipine "Nipas Category".

Terminologies in various countries

The table below provides guidance on the use of protected_culture in different countries. If your country is undocumented then refer to of the WDPA where you can look it up by its proper name. If there are no results, ask the appropriate (government) administration, use the talk page or your local mailing list for discussion and then add it below. Try to add and "harmonise" your country's protection system to the table.

Country community_live cultural_values economical political military historic public_land [1] (other)
Australia monument conservation Indigenous Protected Areas other social
Brazil Indigenous Protected Areas other social, ...
Colombia - - - Indigenous Protected Areas and Afro Colombian Protected Areas: Resguardos indígenas y Tierras de Comunidades Negras - - - -
Germany Denkmalschutz - weitere sozial bestimmte
United States monument conservation Indigenous Protected Areas BLM, State Land Trust, Federal Public lands. Not Forest service. other social

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