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This is a concept for a comprehensive use of the key crossing that ought to be used with nodes as well as with lines:

As a node:

highway=crossing on the crossing point of a cycleway-line (or footway-line , briddleway-line …) with a road-line (or railway track)
+ crossing=wait (instead of uncontrolled) or …
+ further tags see below

As a line:

highway=cycleway or *=footway , *=briddleway …
+ crossing=wait (instead of uncontrolled)
or *=priority (typical for the roadside cyclway of a major road crossing a smaller road)
or *=equal (also for priority of right/left approach)
or *=traffic_signals
if needed + subtag:
or *=sensors
or *buttons&sensors
or *=central
or special U.K. types of signalized crossings
or *=zebra (including the Polish & Austrian type of privileged bicycle crossings)
+ (not necessary with *=traffic_signals or *=zebra) marked=yes or *=no
+ slopes=no
or *=little
or *=medium
or *=steep
+ edges=no
or *=2 cm (or other height)
or *=round_sills (typically 5 cm or higher)
or *=full_curb (worst case)
or *=sinus curb (a relatively comfortable one)
or other local types
+ surface=* (to be used especially, where it differs from neighbouring both cycletrack & carriageway surfaces)