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Thanks for checking out my page!

I started out with OpenStreetMap back in 2017. Over the years I have watched OSM grow into an awesome tool. My primary mapping target is my home state of Oregon with a focus on the area from the Willamette Valley to the Coast Range.

I have various goals and projects in mind and will start listing them here as I can.


Improve OSM

Improved tagging of public, protected, and restricted lands

I'm interested in improving the ways that public lands, parks, and recreations areas are tagged. I am working on a proposal to improve the way this is done

Project Link: -> Public Protected and Restricted Lands

Proposals being worked on as part of this project:


Proposed Features/Key:park

Proposed Features/Tag:landuse=nature_area


Proposed Features/Key:nature=*

Proposed Features/Key:recreation=*

Proposed Features/Key:protected=*

Proposed Features/Tag:restricted=*

Proposed Features/Tag:type=park_network

Proposed Features/Tag:type=protected_area

Utilize Mapillary tools to add and verify the objects in OSM

I have a few Mapillary projects started to identify speed and stop limit signs in Hillsboro and Aloha

Hillsboro, Oregon stop and speed limit verification project

Aloha, Oregon stop and speed limit verification project


Cascadia Earthquake Prep

One of my goals is to help get the buildings on the Coast Range mapped for when the inevitable Cascadia Quake arrives.

I've created a MapCraft tasking project for this. However I still need to add more detailed instructions and may see about moving it to the US Tasking manager project.

My Links - My collection of links to OSM related sites

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