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re getting the motorways blue. You need to set a tag of highway="motorway" (key highway, value motorway) then 80n's xsl will pick up the appropriate colour style for rendering. Blackadder 19:03, 29 Mar 2006 (UTC)


Is there any way of doing it without having to edit every single segment, or is it better to use ways for that sort of thing? Bruce89 19:08, 29 Mar 2006 (UTC)

If you use imi's JOSM its easy to select all the segments in an area. You then have the option to give all these selected segments the appropriate tags while they are selected or to turn the selection into a Way and then tage just the Way. Remember though to turn each carriageway into a way seperately. No need to do the whole length of the motorway, just the section you are interested in. Osmarender draws the line segments first and then the ways over the top so any way colouring will be done after the line segment colouring but if one or other is blank it will still get coloured. Test it out by applying tagging to a few odd segments and you will see only those segments coloured. Blackadder 21:29, 29 Mar 2006 (UTC)
How often should I create a way? Should it be between every junction? Bruce89 15:02, 30 Mar 2006 (UTC)


How should I name roads, should it be A82 or Great Western Road?

I would name it like this:
name=Great Western Road
See Map Features for a comprehensive list of tags. 80n 02:33, 31 Mar 2006 (UTC)

Locating images

Is that script working OK for your images? Ojw 15:30, 14 May 2006 (UTC)

Yes, it's absolutely fine. Bruce89 15:39, 14 May 2006 (UTC)

Coordinate Template

Bruce, you expressed your coordinates in plain text: (55.929,-4.333), but I see that this Wikipedia template works here: 55.929° N 4.333° W. If you already knew this and deliberately chose not to use the template, please disregard this notice (although I would be interested in knowing why you chose not to use it, in that event). Otherwise, you might want to use the template and get a bunch of cool map links for free. Teratornis 22:25, 2 Jul 2006 (UTC)

Do we really want to link to so many copyrighted map sources? It might encourage people to visit those links, and then contribute their non-free knowledge to openstreetmap. Ojw 22:47, 2 Jul 2006 (UTC)
Oh, that's a good point. I'm not sure how the template got here in the first place. I'm still just a newb. Maybe there was some sort of mass import of templates from Wikipedia. In any case, someone who knows how, might track down the person(s) responsible for importing the template here, and see what s/he says about the possible downside of linking to so many copyrighted map sources—if it's a bad idea to use the template, why is it available here? Is there another coordinate template which only links to really free map sources? While we're on the subject of map sources, does anyone know if I can use information from USGS topographical maps here? USGS topo maps do not, as far as I know, contain any Copyright_Easter_Eggs, so they are a useful source of accurately surveyed (at the time) data, for the USA anyway (which is where I live and intend to do some mapping about here when I learn how). If this is not appropriate to discuss on Bruce's talk page, please direct me elsewhere and I'll gladly move my jabberings. Like maybe to my talk page. Teratornis 23:07, 2 Jul 2006 (UTC)
And why do maps on the USGS website have "Copyright, Microsoft corporation" on them? Ojw 12:07, 3 Jul 2006 (UTC)
As far as I remember, these maps are hosted by Microsoft research. Bruce89 19:54, 3 Jul 2006 (UTC)


Hi, you has sugessted to change the value for the Proposed_features/Pedestrianised_road from pedistrian to precint. So I think its the best to start a new voting period. I had changed this value before, because I was looking in a German - English dictonary, and found the pedistrian but not the precint, so I thought it could be the best to use the first one; anyway: Can you please go to that page and vote again? Sven Anders 11:40, 20 September 2006 (BST)

That was actually User:Ewmjc that said that, not me.
Ups my fault Sven Anders 15:18, 20 September 2006 (BST)

Copyright problem

Based on the terms and conditions at the SPT web site, you should consider removing their rail map from the wiki. --alastairj 12:20, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

To be honest, I don't really need that page any more as all the railways are done. Bruce89 11:59, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

OSMDoc links in Templates

I've reverted your edits to the KeyDescription and ValueDescription templates, which made the OSMDoc links point explicitly at the English versions. These templates do get used on some non-English wiki pages, and your edit made the links bypass the language detection at OSMDoc.

Lars, the author of OSMDoc has changed the site's setting so the default language is English, so the net result should be that everyone who isn't German still sees the English interface.

Jonathan Bennett 16:13, 25 January 2010 (UTC)