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Translation of OpenStreetBrowser

Hello PierZen!

Thank you very much for your hard work on translating the OpenStreetBrowser to the French language! I really appreciate your efforts. Accidently I didn't see that you added a language for over one month. I guess Skunk will include it to the user interface...

Have a nice year 2011!

Stefan --Derstefan 17:00, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

JOSM style NoFeature

Hi, you added the style NoFeature to the JOSM wiki and you attached an additional zip file with the mapcss code again. This is not required, because the JOSM server creates the zip file from the mapcss code of the wiki page and all attachements automatically. Now there is in the zip file the mapcss file and the zip file which contains the mapcss file again ;) I can delete the zip file, but the code is a bit different in some parts than directly at the wiki page. Which is the newer version? --Klumbumbus (talk) 18:20, 1 November 2015 (UTC)

Hi, The zip file is the most recent version, plus it contains a png file. pierzen (talk) 21:29, 1 November 2015 (UTC)

OK, I replaced the code at the wiki page by the code from the zip file (but kept the meta[lang=fr] part). Then I attached the none.png file directly to the wiki page and deleted the old zip file. Then I fixed a few coding errors. See
However I think the style does not yet work like you wanted to. E.g. I see the red fill style for all non closed ways (also streets, waterways,...). --Klumbumbus (talk) 22:24, 1 November 2015 (UTC)

Estuaire du saint-Laurent

Bonjour, Il n'y a pas d'articles Wikipédia sur l'estuaire fluviale, le moyen estuaire et l'estuaire, j'aimerais ajouter l'attribut wikidata aux relations de l'estuaire du Saint-Laurent (2426031 = Q50415467, 2433221 = Q50415472 et 4555382 = Q50415473) mais je ne sais pas comment ajouter les tags wikidata. Je note aussi que l'estuaire fluviale devrait commencer à la fin du lac Saint-Pierre et l'estuaire moyen après l’Île d'Orléans (Référence). Merci pour ton aide, --YanikB (talk) 10:37, 16 April 2018 (UTC)

Missing file information

Hello! And thanks for your upload - but some extra info is necessary.

Sorry for bothering you about this, but it is important to know source of the uploaded files.

Are you the author of image File:2015 03 Vanuatu Pam Cyclone.png ?

Or is it copied from some other place (which one?)?

Please, add this info to the file page - something like "I took this photo" or "downloaded from -website link-".

In case that you are the author of the photo: Would you agree to open licensing of this image, allowing its use by anyone (similarly to your OSM edits)?

Would you be OK with CC0 (it allows use without attribution or any other requirement)?

Or do you prefer to require attribution and some other things using CC-BY-SA-4.0?

If you are the author: Please add {{CC0-self}} to the file page to publish the image under CC0 license.

You can also use {{CC-BY-SA-4.0-self}} to publish under CC-BY-SA-4.0 license.

Feel free to ask for help if you need it - you can do it for example by asking on Talk:Wiki: new topic.

Please ask there if you are not sure what is the proper next step or when you are uploading files that are not your own work.

--Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 17:56, 29 December 2021 (UTC)

Hi Mateusz, I simply copy-pasted a screenshot of the HOT Tasking Manager project in 2015 to represent mapping for the Vanuatu OpenStreetMap Response. I was the author of the TM project and the coordinator of the response. I am not sure which license is appropriate for such screenshot of an application and if HOT or OSM have a trademark on this.

pierzen (talk) 20:42, 29 December 2021 (UTC)