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The goal is to import and update fire hydrants from the Valencia City Council database, see: Importació Ajuntament de València (in Catalan).

In València there are 38 fire hydrants already in OSM. As the nodes to import have useful information other than the coordinates, it makes sense to merge them. So we will import those too.


  1. March 1 2024: We started the preparation and the discussion.

Import data

Data description

The original dataset is CSV format. It includes a total of 1872 nodes.

We'll use the CSV file for processing. You can download the data here.

We verified the data quality using our city knowledge, Mapilliary and orthophotos (PNOA and Bing).



The Valencia City Council provides information via Valencia City Council Open Data site under CC BY 4.0 with permission (in catalan). It requires attribution of the source, so all the changeset will include:

  • Tagging: "source=Ajuntament de València" + "source:date=YYYY-MM-DD"

Import type

The import will be done manually, using the Tasks Manager, so it can be assigned to different volunteers.

First import data preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

As mentioned before, the data file we have chosen is in csv format. Some corrections are part of the data conversion script. Some of the fields aren't relevant and will be ignored.

Tagging plans

Here are the original fields, their meaning and how they will be converted to the resulting OSM file:

Tagging Conversion
Original Fields Meaning OSM tag Comments
geo_shape Geographic coordinates. We are not importing it.
APERTURA Direction to open the valve. fire_hydrant:opening=* If it is "D", we add "fire_hydrant:opening=cw"

If it is "I", we add "fire_hydrant:opening=ccw"

Bocas Two values:

- First number: Number of couplings - Second number: Couplings diameters.

Key:couplings yKey:couplings:diameters We are importing both tags and values depending on the value.
Calle Street name We are not impoting it.
Código Internal reference number ref It contains an alphanumeric reference of the fire hydrant. We are importing it.
Número Housenumber We are not importing it.
objectid We are not importing it.
OPERATIVO Is it in operation? Key:emergency=fire hydrant If it is "S", we add the tag "emergency=fire_hydrant"

If it is "N", we add the tag disused:emergency=fire_hydrant

Tipo calle Highway type (street, avenue, square...) We are not importing it.

Node tags

To all the nodes, we will add the following tags:

Changeset tags

We will use the following changeset tags:

Data Import Workflow

Team Approach

Import will be undertaken by experienced OSM volunteers, following a strict workflow. Each volunteer will choose a file with a variable number of nodes and will import them to OSM, while merging them with the old ones they may encounter.


The import will be discussed in the Spanish Community.


As most (if not all) of the volunteers will be Spanish speaking, they can follow the detailed workflow in Spanish language on the Task Manager.

The workflow will be as follows:

  1. Create, if we don't have one yet, an import specific user account. Change the OSM username to the specific account in the JOSM preferences.
  2. Load a task following the instructions of the task manager
  3. Download the .osm file with the hydrants to import and check geo-location of the fire hydrant nodes.
  4. Check if the fire hydrant is already on OSM, we'll conflate if necessary.
  5. Once we have finished with all the nodes, we proceed to upload the new data to OSM with our specific import OSM account, using the València Fire Hydrant Import#Changeset_tags already explained.

Reverse plan

In case of any trouble, JOSM reverter will be used.