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Ngôn ngữ có bản dịch — Potlatch 1
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Potlatch is a Flash-based OpenStreetMap editor, found on the 'Edit' tab of the main site.

New version! Potlatch 1.1 has just been released with some big changes. These pages will be updated in time (and you can help) - but until then, check with Potlatch's new online help by clicking 'Help' at the bottom left of your editing window.

A brief introduction to using Potlatch. Once you're comfortable with it, you can also learn some keyboard shortcuts.

See Potlatch in action with this tutorial video (find more here).

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Tips, tricks and the latest news about Potlatch.

How Potlatch works, how you can change it, and recent changes.

Leave a comment about improvements you'd like to see, and find out about future plans.


Sử dụng ảnh của Yahoo! Aerial Imagery:

Potlatch kidderminster.jpg

Không sử dụng ảnh của Yahoo! Aerial Imagery:

Potlatch worcester.gif

Bảng các chức năng:

Bảng biên tập của Potlatch

1: Loại đối tượng được lựa chọn,
2: Object ID trong OSM database,
3: Công cụ cắt,
4: Chọn hướng,
5: Undo,
6: Hiển thị các tracks GPS,
7: Mở hộp thoại tùy chọn,

8: Chọn mẫu: a) lớp, b) kiểu,
9: Các quan hệ(here 3) thuộc đối tượng được chọn (a) và vai trò các thành viên nếu có thể dùng (b),
10: Object tags (here 4): a) keys, b) values,
11: Xóa tag (w/o confirmation prompt!),
12: Copy tags của đối tượng được chọn trước đó,
13: Mở công cụ biên tập mối quan hệ,
14: Thêm một tag

Why Potlatch? (and why not?)

Potlatch is intended as an easy-to-learn editing environment for drawing ways and adding metadata to existing ways. A clear, uncluttered user interface is paramount for this audience, and the layout draws on the familiar conventions of the existing Slippy Map.

It's not intended for power users (who are already excellently served by JOSM), people who want the speed of a desktop client, or those who don't like Flash. Nonetheless, since Potlatch and JOSM are developed separately, some innovations do make their way into Potlatch first, ranging from the simple (remove a node from one way alone) to the complex (editing history). An increasing number of experienced OSMers use Potlatch as a supplement to JOSM for instant editing, and a few use it as their principal editor.

As a very rough rule of thumb, Potlatch is easier for quick edits, and better for edits which range over a wide area (e.g. cycle routes). JOSM is better for heavy-duty editing in a concentrated area (e.g. housing estates) and offers facilities for audio and photo surveying. But everyone will have their own preferences.

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