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Most roads in Virginia present in OSM came from the massive TIGER import in 2008, however the data comes from 2005 (or 2006?). Much of the state has yet to be modified since the import of this data, and since the quality of the data varies significantly, the entire state needs to be reviewed.

The Virginia Geographic Information Network maintains road centerlines for the state, and provides this data in the public domain. While it doesn't include data like address ranges, some localities such as Fairfax County provide this kind of more detailed information. Each locality should be checked to see if better quality data is available. Comparing and merging this governmental data into OSM could greatly improve the coverage and accuracy of OSM data.

  • Mention that VGIN is interested in OSM using their data, and find out from VGIN what their level of interest is (providing data, collaborating, etc)
  • Discuss conflation, and existing tools (or lack thereof)
  • Discuss process, whether to go locality by locality or start with Interstates, U.S. Routes, state routes, then county routes
  • Ask MappingDC group for input, then talk-us

Questions for VGIN

  • What is the relationship between TIGER roads, Virginia RCL data, and locality data? Does all state data come localities? What localities provide higher quality data, such as address points or ranges?
  • What's the update frequency of locality and Virginia RCL data?
  • Is there other data available such as bridges, tunnels, and exit information?

VBMP Road Centerlines

Road centerlines, part of the Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP), includes every road in the Commonwealth. The geometry and basic attributes (not including address or ZIP code data) are in the public domain, and available as Shapefiles. Information about the data set is available on the VITA site.

Note that there is very little attribution for the Virginia RCL data. However, some localities (such as Fairfax County) provide much more attribution such as address ranges.


  • DISPLAYCLA: display class?
  • ROUTENUMBE: county, state, or Federal route number (e.g. 95)
  • V_FIPS: ??
  • V_ORGNAM: full name of road, but with abbreviated road type (e.g. 'George Washington Memorial Pkwy')
  • V_UCHGDT: last updated date? (e.g. Mon Nov 17 00:00:00 EST 2008)
  • V_GIN: an identifier number? (e.g. 2.10525304207E11)
  • V_ROADTYPE: road type?


The canonical list is at Interstate Highway relations, however it is only concerned as to whether relations are complete or not. This project is to ensure completeness of the route itself.

  • Check geometry and topology against the Virginia RCL data
  • Check for bridges and tunnels
  • Add exit numbers (a request for interstate exit data from VDOT is in progress, Virginia/Interstate exits)
  • Add exit_to text (see here)
  • Add mile markers (posts are every 1/10 mile, but we should only mark every 1 or 10 miles)
  • Add signs using the destination sign relation
Number Auxiliary Number Relation Progress and notes
64 relation 1267357
66 relation 403155
77 relation 1027748
81 relation 1319518
381 relation 1319517
85 relation 1217340
95 relation 396364 added all exits, but not sure about Springfield mixing bowl
295N relation 1060371 consider combining these relations using roles to be consistent across the state
295S relation 1060370
395 added exits, though I66 and I95/495 interchanges definitely need double checking
495 relation 1355085

U.S. routes

The canonical list is at United States Numbered Highway Relations.

1 406327 11 416336 11E 416519 11W 416518 13 416716 15 416929 17 417115 19 417224 21 338040 23 407974 29 409373 33 164611 48 455420 50 419165 52 419294 58 416635 60 420686 211 416527 219 1017179 220 417821 221 1283515 250 207792 258 418456 301 295863 340 418394 360 418500 412 417876 460 418519 501 284132 522 1017172 58 alt 418454

Virginia state routes

Due to the number of routes, there is a dedicated page, Virginia/State Route Relations