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We can only use WMS sources that are in the public domain, compatibly licensed, or we have permission to use. These include Landsat, USGS High Resolution Orthoimagery (~15cm resolution), National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) 1-meter imagery, and Yahoo! Aerial Imagery.


  • NASA Landsat - Public Domain low resolution satellite imagery. Worldwide coverage, but generally too low-res for tracing roads or other such details.
  • OpenAerialMap: This is currently offline, but if/when this project is resuscitated it provides open aerial imagery compiled from many sources/imagery donations.

United States

  • New Jersey 2007 aerial photography. Only available within and slightly overlapping the borders of New Jersey. There are no restrictions on its use.



  • De:DOP Sources - List of DOP sources for Germany and their status of permission to use in OSM


  • WikiProject_Italy/PCN: Covering all of Italy with good ortho-rectification and far better resolution than Yahoo (please don't trace from Yahoo in Italy for this reason, as there is a big offset)