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The basic idea of a weekend mapping project is that certain OpenStreetMap users would offer a weekend of their time to travel somewhere to map a certain area. Discussions on the mailing list (see summary at Value of OSM) suggest that a medium size town could be mapped in 1-2 days.

An extension of the ideas behind the workshop on the Isle of Wight, and the Mapchester weekend in Manchester, these projects would help extend the coverage on OpenStreetMap to places which may not otherwise be mapped any time soon. Organisations, groups or individuals could sponsor an OpenStreetMap community member by paying for the travel costs to/from their base as well as a place to stay for the weekend and a small amount to cover food and bike rental, etc.

In return, these sponsors would get access to all of this data through the OpenStreetMap project, along with tools from the community to produce base maps from that data.

What sponsors could expect

  • Up to 14 hours of mapping time over weekend
  • Time to post-process the GPS data after the weekend
  • Access to map data through OpenStreetMap interface
  • Ability to draw vector maps from data using tools from community
  • Instructions on what they can do with the data, how they can add their own information

Potential sponsors

  • Accomodation providers (eg co-op of holiday home or independent hotel owners)
  • Events organisers / event planners
  • Conservation charities

What maps can be used for

  • Online maps
  • Printed maps

E.g., showing location of office/shop/accomodation, venues around an area, etc.

Note: maps are distributed by the project under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-2.0 license. Anywhere maps are displayed, the OpenStreetMap project must be credited with a link and the URL of the license must also be included

Community members offering time

How to find out more information

Please contact individual members as listed above or the Weekend Mapping Project Coordinator, Dan Karran, by email dan at karran dot net.

Weekend mapping projects/Form letters for suggesting this idea to prospective users

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