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New Radnor, Wales
(by Angela Jones. cc-by-sa)

This is a past event in September 2008.

Following the successes of various UK Countryside mapping parties and the infamous Isle of Wight weekend in 2006, User:Steve booked a beautiful Grade II listed 14 person cottage in New Radnor Wales (map) for a weekend of maps and mapping in September 2008.


The weekend went well, with lovely accommodation, and much mapping by foot, bike and car. Places covered included Llandrindod Wells, Presteigne, Knighton, Kington, several villages and footpaths in the area and a good portion of the Radnor Ring (RCN 25).

Party render on blip.tv


Yellow-green Blackadder
Blue Sward
Dark Magenta Firefishy
Bright Magenta Howard
Yellow AndyS
Orange Bigbro
Cyan steve8
Green Steve
White Christian
Red Nickb

Old Organisational details

There is an awesome pub near by. The venue will serve as a jumping off point to map any area of wales you like. Please bring stuff (bread, butter, bikes, beer, GPS units - see below) and share transport where you can (see below). Nearer the time we will set out a plan of activities but it will likely involve a group meal at a local restaurant on the saturday night and the usual map party pubbing etc.

Just the facts, ma'aam

  • When: Friday 12th to Monday 15th September 2008 (3 nights).
  • Where: New Radnor, Wales. map
  • Address: BROOKSIDE FARM, New Radnor, PRESTEIGNE, Powys, LD8 2SU

Friday evening

  • Do not turn up to the cottage until 4:30pm as we will not have access, however of course feel free to turn up and do some mapping or enjoy the sheep.
  • Friday evening will be spent in this local pub planning the weekend

Getting There

  • Directions: From A44 turn into New Radnor and go up High Street to the T junction. Turn right signposted Evenjob. Brookside Farm is within approx 60 meters on the right. Turn into gateway and parking is in front of old stables.
  • This cottage (Approximate Map)
  • Freethepostcode does not have a location for this postcode - http://tinyurl.com/5db3u3


User:Steve will probably be driving from London on the Friday. I will probably be able to take two people.

AndyS is driving up from Southampton with Nick W.

Blackadder will be driving from Birmingham and will have room for at least 1, possibly 2 persons.

User:nickb will be driving from central London on Fri evening (about 5.30pm) and will be leaving Wales around 5pm on Sunday. I have space for one, or two at a push

Firefishy will be driving from North West London around Midday Friday and returning early Monday morning.

Christian will be driving/ferrying from Cork on the Friday and back on the Monday with a nearly empty car.

Bigbro (Gareth) and Rach will be flying in and out of Birmingham and renting a car.

Bits to Bring

The cottage comes with: *Elec and full oil CH incl *Wood-burning stove - initial fuel incl, thereafter avail locally *Elec/gas range cooker - fuel incl *Ample parking *Shop 300 yds *TV (Freeview) *Video (small library) *DVD (small library) *Radio/cassette/CD (small library) *Tel (honesty box) *Auto wm *T/dryer *M/wave *D/washer *Freezer *T/cot *H/chair *Large enclosed lawned garden *Barbecue *Hot tub *14ft trampoline *Secure cycle store *Easy walking access *Duvets with linen and towels *Non-smokers only

Item Details Who
Cake (anyone gluten free?) Blackadder & Liz
Chilli enough chilli for everyone (meat and veg versions) Blackadder & Liz
Gazebo nickb
Tea AndyS
Coffee AndyS
Sugar AndyS
Milk Rach
Cheese and other assorted toast / sandwich fillings Rach, Sward
Orange Juice Firefishy
Beer vansrossi
Wine will see what we have got in the cupboard steve8
Flapjacks of the home-made variety steve8
Bread vansrossi
Butter/Marg Firefishy
Washing up liquid / cloth Christian
Bin liners Christian
Random fruit, biscuits, chocolate Christian
Spare plastic cutlery In case we're short Christian
Toilet paper!!! Firefishy
add stuff you can think of...

If you have a kite, bring it. At some point over the weekend we will all go up one of the hills and fly kites, just for the hell of it. *

I'll be packing light, and can fit some small things. I can chip in for some of the other stuff if that helps?--Sward 12:00, 10 September 2008 (UTC)

Bedroom reservations

The cottage sleeps 14. Two double bedrooms, 4 twin rooms. Two of the twin rooms have additional beds (from pictures they are not fold-out, but proper beds). Use the following tables to reserve a bed. Contact User:Steve to send payment, which is £55 per bed (double counts as two beds) for the whole weekend. You need to pay when you reserve as I've paid the full amount already. It is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your place and pay you. Please make sure you put contact details on your user page, if I can't contact you for payment (or you don't contact me) I'll have to remove you.

Twin Room 1

Bed Who Payment sent Payment Confirmed
1 Single Bed Howard X X -
1 Single Bed steve8 X X

Twin Room 2

Bed Who Payment sent Payment Confirmed
2 Single Beds Blackadder (both) X X

Twin Room 3

Bed Who Payment sent Payment Confirmed
1 Single Bed Nick W X X - Can't make Fri and possibly Sat night now
1 Single Bed AndyS X X
1 Single Bed Grant (Firefishy) X X

Twin Room 4

Bed Who Payment sent Payment Confirmed
1 Single Bed Christian X X
1 Single Bed Bigbro X X
1 Single Bed Rach X X

Double Bedroom 1

Bed Who Payment sent Payment Confirmed
Double Bed User:Steve X X

Double Bedroom 2

Bed Who Payment sent Payment Confirmed
1 Double Bed User:Nickb

Just a day or two?

  • Richard is probably not going to make it but may try for Sunday pm/Monday.
  • Nick W also now can't make Friday/Saturday, but could get there Saturday night if I can get a lift from somewhere on the Cardiff-Manchester line (e.g. Leominster, Ludlow), or Sunday otherwise - anyone willing to take my place for the early part, or whole, of the weekend?
    • I'd like to take your place for the whole weekend.--Sward 10:57, 10 September 2008 (UTC)

Waiting list

If there are more people wanting to come, we'll get another cottage nearby. Please add yourself below.


Nearest stations are Knighton and Llangynllo, where "nearest" is about 10 miles and a really, really evil hill out of Knighton. There are four trains a day (if you're lucky) on the line (the 'Heart of Wales' line) and Sunday service may be worse/non-existent.

The area

Wales mapping planning.png

Mapping Planning

The following places need mapping:

Most of the places north and close to New Radnor (eg Knighton) have been done already although there are plenty of footpaths to do. To the South, Hay on Wye is already done.

What is your preferred method of mapping, what resources do you have?

nickb One estate car one bike two gps Happy to take mappers out to nearby villages for a day / half day session on the Saturday
Blackadder car bike walking boots Will map to suit the conditions. Can drop others at logical locations Sat and Sun as required
AndyS car spare gps walking boots Happy to loan gps and provide lifts if required.
steve8 car bike spare gps walking boots/poles Prefer to dump car and map locally if poss.
Sward bike feet (but no walking gear).
bigbro hire car and can walk, but not bringing specific walking gear.
Christian car fold-up bike 3 GPSes feet but not walking boots Happy to provide lifts

Mapping party bits

Item Details Who
Party bag GPSes and banner
Printer For making pies
Flipchart and markers For making pies
Multiway extension leads The more the better Christian x2 steve8 x1
Wireless AP Network computers Sward (WRT54G inc. 4xEther)
Switch ditto AndyS (8 port 10/100Mb)
Patch leads ditto Christian x2, Sward x1
Spare wheel mice make JOSM bearable on laptops Christian x1, Sward x1