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WhereCamp.EU ( http://wherecamp.eu/ ) is a big geo unconference, part of the WhereCamp family related to Where2.0

Next one

...will be announced on the blog at http://wherecamp.eu/ (Please edit the page and list on current events when it is)

Past WhereCamp.EU's

There have been several WhereCamp.EU's in the past:

At all of these there were many many OpenStreetMap topics. In fact we totally overran them with OSMness, which was great! It was like a mini SOTM. Some topics were of interest to OSM insiders. Hopefully we also projected a good impression outwards to some people who may not have known much about OSM. There's a session list from the first one here: http://www.socialtext.net/wherecamp/index.cgi?wherecampeu