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The import was done in January 2010 by ourFootPrints import

Getting & configuring JOSM

  1. Download the latest josm from
  2. Go to Preferences -> Map Settings -> Map Paint Styles and enable the Iceland style
  3. Restart JOSM
  4. Download data for your area

Editing the data

Here are some tips for editing the data in JOSM.

Here's a Youtube video showing ourFootPrints editing.

Finding the ofp data

  1. Drag the selection box around the area that has redundant ways
  2. Search for parent(selected type:node) "ofp:highway"=*

This will select all un-edited ourfootprints ways which have nodes in the area you selected

Dealing with the ofp data

Sometimes the ofp data is totally redundant because we've already surveyed that area. In that case delete the data in question:

  1. Press d to delete
  2. Repeat as necessary

In other cases the ofp data needs to be integrated with the OpenStreetMap data, then you have to:

  1. Select the way in question
  2. Delete the ofp:highway=* tag
  3. Add a highway=* tag. See the Icelandic map features page for tagging help. If you don't know what sort of road it is just tag it as highway=road
  4. Edit the ofp:name=* tag if it exists. ofp has ASCII names like name=Aegisgata, these need to be changed into the canonical names like name=Ægisgata
  5. Connect the road to the rest of the road network: This ensures that the data can be routed.