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The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, Africa

latitude: 7.3, longitude: -5.2
Browse map of The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire 7°18′00.00″ N, 5°12′00.00″ W
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The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire is a Country in Africa at latitude 7°18′00.00″ North, longitude 5°12′00.00″ West.

Use OpenStreetMap data

OpenStreetMap Community of Ivory Coast

Logo OpenStreetMap Ivory Coast

This community exists officially since August 03, 2013 following a mapping party organized in Attécoubé (Abidjan).

Contact through the social networks:

Mailing list for OSM in Ivory Coast:


Many places in Ivory Coast are not mapped yet or don’t have many details. And in many places the tracing could be improved. Get involved and help us to make OSM in Ivory Coast better!

Residential roads are missing in many areas around the main cities, they're visible in Bing imagery or Mapbox Satellite. Bouake especially, and Yamoussoukro too. Abidjan is mostly good but missing some on outskirts.

GPS track logs

Because there is no good aerial imagery available for the country (outside the big towns), we need GPS track logs that can be recorded with a mobile phone. Because currently there are few GPS track logs, this is a good way to contribute. You can collect GPS data with a smartphone, for example using OSMtracker.

New mappers


Do not use CAPITALS.

The key:highway type helps indicate the importance of the highway within the road network as a whole, and not its current state of repair or its surface. For the latter, you can use key:surface or key:smoothness. See also Highway Tag Africa. Order of roads (importance):

1. highway=motorway (only the motorway Abidjan-Yamousoukro)

2. highway=trunc (not used in Ivory Coast)

3. highway=primary

4. highway=secondary

5. highway=tertiary

6. Within residential aereas: highway=residential // Outside the residential aereas (countryside/overland): highway=unclassified

7. highway=service (very small roads without through traffic)

A “primary” road stays “primary” also while it passes through a town or a village.

Please note: The value track of the key highway is used to represent roads for agricultural use typically passing through fields/farmland, forest tracks etc. It is not used for small roads within towns or villages, even if their state of repair is bad.

In Ivory Coast and especially in Abidjan, people normally orient themselves with the crossroad names and roundabout names. As many roads have still no name, an address is normally something like “I live near to the XXX crossroad.” Therefore, crossroad names and roundabout names are important. They are tagged with junction=yes and “name=XXX”. The tag “name” includes the word “carrefour” if appropriate; that means for example “Carrefour Duncan” (and not only “Duncan”) and « Carrefour de la vie » (and not only « de la vie »). If it is a simple crossroad, the junction node of the two way is tagged.


See also Potential Datasources for OSM generally.

Quality control