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This Rutland Mapping Party is a past event which took place in October 2006.

Past event


This mapping party took place way back in 2006. It was one of the larger events taking place early in the project's history.

A truly great weekend! We essentially achieved what we set out to do as can be seen from the gpx traces image on the right. Possibly a couple of roads and a village or two missed in the very north but otherwise we appear to have full coverage of all the highways, many bridleways and a scattering of footways. Both Oakham and Uppingham were fully mapped including all of the new Oakham Bypass which is not quite yet open.

Thanks to all the participants and those who came along to find out more about the project, including…. Anna, Andy Robinson, Ben Robbins, Clive, Chris Morley, David Field, Etienne, Grant Slater, Liz Wilson, Mathew Newton, Oliver White, Peter Golden, Richard Fairhurst, Tomasz Chomiuk.


  • What - An OpenStreetMap Mapping Weekend.
  • Aim - To map all the highways and byways of the County of Rutland in a weekend.
  • Who - Open to all, experienced OSM'ers and new participants alike.
  • How - Bring along some transport (feet, bike, horse, car, No. 31 bus etc) and if you have one a GPS receiver that can create tracklog (ie remember where you traveled), and also if you have one a digital camera. There will be a number of GPS receivers available on loan if you need one though.
  • More? - See below for more details. There is also a Q&A leaflet available.


  • 14th and 15th October 2006 (plus Friday evening for those who can get there early)


Rutland 002.jpg

The main meeting point will be the Study Room at Rutland County Museum.

Rutland County Museum
Catmose Street
LE15 6HW

Lat/Lon: 52.66810, -0.72545

Programme of Events

  • Friday 13th.
    • Blackadder is doing an interview on BBC Radio Leicester with Monica Winfield. Due on air at 3:15pm as part of the John Florance show.
    • A pre-recorded interview with Richard will be aired on Rutland Radio during the day and repeated through the weekend.
    • Evening Social at the Grain Store Brewery Pub adjacent to Oakham Station. Note, pub does not do food in evenings.
  • Saturday 14th
    • 10:30am until 5:00pm - Study Room, Rutland County Museum
    • There will be presentations for participants and new users at 10:30am and 2:00pm
  • Sunday 15th
    • Morning casual meet-up to be decided. Opportunity for a photocall with the new OSM banner
    • 2:00pm until 4:00pm - Study Room, Rutland County Museum
    • There will be a presentation for participants and new users at 2:00pm

Weather Forecast

Check out the local weather forecast produced by Paul Bartlett, forecaster with Met. Office for Rutland area since 1960.

Who's interested in the Mapping Party?

Please add your name if you plan to come along just so we get an idea of numbers and experience.

  • Blackadder will be there all weekend
  • Richard will also be there all weekend
  • Etienne all weekend. Car/bike. Lift available for one person from Weybridge area to Oakham on Friday afternoon.
  • User:Steve will be there all weekend. Might tent it, too.
  • Ojw all weekend
  • User:Robbie Lives in Oakham, CTC right to ride rep. have some GPS already and may be able to offer room for event depends on numbers?
  • Joe D - Came here via Etienne's message on Wikipedia's UK geography WikiProject. Train from Bristol takes 3 hours, so I may come up with a bike with the intention of taking lots of photos for Wikipedia, but if you provide the equipment (I'm very tempted to join this mapping project and buy the equipment, but I have a degree to get and am forcing myself not to get any new hobbies for at least a year) I'll collect the data.
  • Avantman42 will be there for at least one day, hopefully both days
  • Ben All Weekend Hopefully. Camping Preferably. Will arive by car, and then ride bike for weekend.
  • Chrismorl Will be there on Friday evening and Saturday.
  • Nickb will be testing his new mountain bike and GPS mount on the roads of Rutland.
  • Matthew Newton plans to be there all Saturday, and maybe also for an hour or three on Sunday afternoon and/or Friday evening.
  • Clive plans to be there all Saturday, and most of Sunday if possible.
  • Grant Slater

Getting There

By Train

Oakham train station, Rutland's only station.

  • From London, St Pancras you can get a cheap ticket from print train tickets to Leicester and from there to Oakham is a half hour train journey.
  • Or from London, Kings Cross to Oakham, change at Peterborough. Slightly quicker but probably more expensive.
  • All trains between Birmingham and Cambridge/Stansted stop at Oakham.
  • If you're arriving by train, remember to keep your GPS switched on and pointed out of the window. The trains on the Oakham line (158 and 170) do give GPS reception!

By Road

  • From the South take the A1 to Stamford and then the A606 to Oakham.
  • From the North take the A1 to Stretton and then the B668 to Oakham.
  • The OSM way: Pick any exit on the A1 between Stamford and Stretton and then take random turns in a westerly direction until you reach Oakham. Remember to have your GPS switched on and go all the way round any roundabouts that you come to. (Though there aren't many roundabouts in Rutland!)

By Air

  • Nottingham East Midlands Airport (NEMA) is the nearest (40 miles / 60km). From the airport take the Loughborough Airline Shuttle bus (30 minute journey, every 30 minutes) to Loughborough Railway Station. From there take the train to Oakham, change at Leicester (50 minute journey, every 60 minutes).

Getting around

Bike hire - Rutland Cycling have two bases at Rutland Water from which to hire bikes for the day or longer.

Somewhere to stay?

  • Rutland Caravan and Camping (Greedale) Response when contacted: They have a large campsite with full facilities. They have internet access, and may be able to offer a special rate depending on the number of people coming. They said they can place advertisments on their noticeboard if a poster can be sent (or leaflet etc.) Ben. 13:00 07/09/06
  • Tolbar Campsite said they will let people camp for 2.50 a night. It is at the far east side of the county. They usually don't accept groups, but will take osm, but would need to sort it out with them in advanced. Individuals can sort it out on arival though. (Tolbar, Road End Farm, Great Casserton, Stamford Ben. 22:07 05/10/06
  • Ranksborough Hall - Langham, which is a couple of miles north of Oakham were not willing to make an offer for osm, but to camp there is 11.50 a night. Although close to Oakham, it is as far to one side of the center of rutland as the other 2 locations. Ben. 22:07 05/10/06
  • Some people are staying at the Whipper In Hotel. £45 per night. Supposedly free internet access in the lounge.
  • Ojw is in B&B (52.6651, -0.7363) - others listed at [1]

Where are people staying?

In relation to the above, can people add where they would want to be staying, so that campsites can be contacted if nessesery.

Ben. - Anycampsite. Tolbar preferably.


Schematic Map

Rutland has two major towns. Oakham and Uppingham plus around 50 villages scattered around the county, all within a rural setting. For the full list see the main Rutland page.

While everyone is free to map where and what they like there is a big benefit in co-ordinating the effort. You can use the map schematic on the left as a guide or download the out of copyright OS map. If you have transport it is suggested that you sign up for one or more of the villages and centre yourself on them for your mapping. If you are on foot or plan an easier cycle perhaps you may wish to stay to the towns or the area around rutland water. There are of course also footpaths and the river as well. If you know what you want to map please jot it down here.

  • Blackadder will take bike on back of car and map .......
  • Etienne thinks he would like to do the area to the east of the A1
  • Matthew will hopefully be on the motorbike, and try and ride as many country roads as possible between villages.
  • Ben. doesn't really mind. Mabye that southern bit.
  • Chris Morley will travel by train with a folding bike. He will look at Stamford and try to map Tinwell and Ketton on Friday, stay in Oakham (B&B) and can do something appropriate (not too strenuous) on Saturday.
  • Richard is bringing bikes and will probably concentrate on the Uppingham area. Staying with family in Bisbrooke, and will be joined by Anna on Saturday evening and Sunday. Mobile: 07812 686279.

Cycling and walking events this weekend

There is a sponsored cycle ride on Sunday around Rutland Water starting at 10:30am. Someone might like to do that (it's a really pleasant ride, almost entirely off-road; strongly recommended).

For reference, I did that earlier this year (without GPS): it's about 17 miles and took under 3 hours - Matthew Newton.

There is also an associated set of walks, both around the main body of the reservoir, and the 4.5 miles of the Hambleton Peninsula. See here and here for more details.

Gathering Points of Interest

On your travels, look for the following, record their positions, and photograph if possible:

Finding out more