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Except GPS logs, there are some free sources for mapping of Slovakia. This is just rough summary of them, more can be found at (in Slovak only).

GKÚ - NLC imagery

Národné lesnícke centrum vo Zvolene (National forestry center) a Geodetický a kartografický ústav Bratislava (Cartography and Cadastre Authority) released imagery for free use. More info and order on (Slovak only).

Terms of use of source data:

  1. Source data is provided to the subscriber free of charge.
  2. The data subscriber is entitled to combine source data with other data, to use them in creating their own work for commercial and non-commercial purposes, create new work, publish work on the Internet, publish source data as the underlying map, publish source data in conjunction with other data / thematic layers through web applications.
  3. The subscriber is obliged to state the author of the source data when creating his own work and when publishing it in the form "© GKÚ, NLC; r.2017. "
  4. Copyrights enjoy protection under the relevant provisions of Act no. 185/2015 - Copyright Act, as amended, as well as the Criminal Code.Abuse of data by users may therefore have civil or criminal consequences.

Imagery in JOSM: tms[18]:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg

Tagging: source=ofmozaika

Only western and central part of Slovakia is currently available.


WMS from can be used to derive data into OpenStreetMap.

Tagging: source=ZBGIS

Agreement between Geodetický a kartografický ústav Bratislava (Cartography and Cadastre Authority) and Freemap Slovakia. Agreement is valid for 5 years from June 25, 2018.

Dohoda GKU 2018 strana 1
Dohoda GKU 2018 strana 1

Geografický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vied

Geomorphological borders.

Agreement on (Slovak language)

source=Geografický ústav SAV

Yahoo! Aerial Imagery

Yahoo! Aerial Imagery is available only in area around Bratislava. See outline.

Cadastral map

Cadastral map is public domain in Slovakia. Big part is digitized and accesible on-line.

Data from cadaster has no copyright as stated by Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Authority of the Slovak Republic. Communication with authority (in Slovak) is listed at

In JOSM you can use FreeKaPor plug-in. It exports all vector data or just buildings. See freemap wiki for details.

Also accesible using WMS at See freemap wiki for details.

Tagging: source=kapor2

Forest paths

According to agreement with Národné Lesnícke Centrum (National forestry center) forest tracks from their database can be placed into OSM. See freemap wiki for details.

Tagging: source=NLC

Agreement with NLC

ATM address data & ref of VUB bank

As per written permission (email) we are allowed to use address data & id for approx. 500 (as of 2016) atm's operated by VUB bank for inclusion in OSM. Coordinates come from a source incompatible with ODbL therefore we are not entitled to use them. For areas in OSM with dense address data coverage this should still bring reasonable accuracy.

Tesco Stores shops

TESCO STORES SR, a.s. gave permission to use information about their retail shops in Slovak Republic, as published at The permission is to use this data displayed on the website: name of the shop, type (like supermarket, hypermarket, department store, etc.), address, opening hours, contact information. There is no permission to use anything else from the underlying maps as those are from Google Maps. The email communication (in Slovak) is currently available on request from user aceman444.



Barborská cesta

Skeyemap, s.r.o. on behalf of Mr. Jaroslav Piroh gave permission written by email to use GPX tracks of Barborská cesta (Barbora trail) from for mapping to OpenStreetMap.

Other sources

Some sources from neighbour countries may overlap with Slovakia at border areas. See Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.