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Barriers for Uganda
This page is localised for Uganda - UG
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Bert Araali
Tagging: barrier=*
Applies to: node way area
Definition: An extended and advanced scheme to tag all kind of barriers typically found in Uganda
Drafted on: 07 Jul 2017
Voting members: talk-ug+Core Members

On this page, WikiProject Uganda/Conventions/Barrier we'll try to make a list of Ugandan barriers typically found on or along official roads, tracks, paths and hiking/cycling routes.
A barrier is a physical structure which blocks or impedes movement. The barrier tag only covers on-the-ground barriers, it does not cover waterway barriers (dams, waterfalls...).

This page is under construction, barriers can be added as required in mapping projects. It is intended to help those mappers in Uganda that are new to the project, or those more experienced but looking for a common way to tag barriers in the country.

Please note: This is intended as a guide based on what contributors to the page think is best. There may be other equally acceptable alternatives - if so add them to this page with an "or" separator, or discuss first on the discussion page.

Please also note: Some of the tags here may not appear in Map Features and are suggestions instead to cover a requirement. As a result some validator tools may highlight them as errors to be checked.


Please visit the wiki page Barriers.
We distinguish, describe and give guidelines on how to map them properly on the following types:

Area barriers: this type of barrier is not described as a standard on the wiki. However many occur along the roads and are important features which should always be mapped in Uganda. One of the most important examples are f.i. flowerbeds along roads and at major junctions.
Linear barriers:
Nodular barriers:

Area barriers

How to map