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This page will document suggested Wikidata & Wikipedia tag classification for the various types of OSM objects. Note that while we talk about wikidata=*, it also applies to the corresponding wikipedia=*.

Item itself

wikidata=* should only be used when the Wikidata item represents the OSM object itself. Wikidata should not be representing the "concept" of the object. Wikidata should not represent a part of the object, nor should the OSM object only be a part of what Wikidata represents. Only the direct 1:1 matching.


Trees, shrubs, plants should all use species:wikidata=*

Places of business

  • A well established brand, such as McDonald and Wall-Mart should use brand:wikidata=*. This applies regardless of who owns or operates the specific business/franchise.
  • ATMs, bank branches: TBD: brand:wikidata=* or operator:wikidata=*

Art, Memorials

  • Statues, Memorial plaques, Graves - anything that is dedicated to a person or an event should use subject:wikidata=*. Additionally, use artist:wikidata=* for the artist who created this object.