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Public-images-osm logo.svg informal = yes
Desire path (19811581366).jpg
组: 属性

该属性表示一个要素并不是故意建立的。它主要用于人行小道,但也可用于任何其他类型的要素。这类人行小道也被称为"欲望之路"[W] desire paths


被标记为 informal=yes 的要素可能完全不会被维护,并且在路线中可能被认为是低优先级的。

This attribute indicates that a feature has not been established on purpose. It is mainly used with footpaths, but it could also be used with any other kind of feature. Such footpaths are also known as [W] desire paths.

When during their lifetime such features become adopted by e.g. an administrative body that e.g. improves the surface of a path, they lose their informal character and the attribute shall be removed.

Features tagged as informal=yes could be completely unmaintained and might be considered with lower priority by routers.


Example Mapping 说明
Desire path off Fairmead Road, High Beach, Essex, England 01.jpg highway=path

+ informal=yes

Desire path (19811581366).jpg highway=footway

+ informal=yes

A pedestrian path (e.g. in a park) created by many people choosing the same shortcuts or routes
Fora pista a Mottaret.jpg piste:type=downhill

+ informal=yes

A ski slope that is not officially maintained, but still frequently used by skiers

Useful combinations

See also

  • path=desire An alternate way to explicitly indicate a desire path.