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highwayタグは、道路や道を表す物に使われる中心的なタグです。 Edit or translate this description.
组: Highway
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Highway 为用于街道的最主要标签。它往往是唯一的标记。在特定国家使有其用的公约。参见 Highway tag usage Road 页获得指导。

类别(key) 值(value) 元素 说明 图上显示 照片


These are the principal tags for the road network. They range from the most to least important.

highway motorway way 高速公路/快速公路。为全封闭或半封闭、出入口控制的道路,通常至少有2条车道。
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png
highway trunk way 主干道路/城市快速路
Rendering-highway trunk L3005 MF.png
Dscf0444 600.jpg
highway primary way 主要道路。连接主要区域/城镇的道路。
Rendering-highway primary neutral.png
highway secondary way 次要道路。连接主要区域的道路,但不及主要道路重要。
Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png
highway tertiary way 普通街道。
Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png
OHZ-K28-Bergedorfer Str.jpg
highway unclassified way 未分类道路(最普通的道路,通常很窄)
Rendering-highway unclassified.png
Highway unclassified-photo.jpg
highway residential way 进入或靠近住宅区的道路。
Rendering-highway residential.png

Link roads

highway motorway_link way 通往高速公路/快速公路的道路/出入口。
Rendering-highway motorway link.png
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway trunk_link way 连接主干道路与其他主干道路或较低级道路的连接路。
Rendering-highway trunk link.png
Trunk link.jpg
highway primary_link way 连接主要道路与其他主要道路或较低级道路的连接路。
Rendering-highway primary link.png
highway secondary_link way 连接次要道路与其他次要道路或较低级道路的连接路。
Rendering-highway secondary link.png
highway tertiary_link way The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a tertiary road from/to a tertiary road or lower class highway.
Rendering-highway tertiary link.png

Special road types

highway living_street way 行人有优先权,儿童可以在街上玩,最高速度较低的街道。
Living street osm.png
beginning of a living street with a paving stones surface and some trees and cars parking at the sides
highway service way area 通往建筑物、公路服务站、海滩、营地、校园、工业区、商业园等的服务道路。不常被称为胡同。
Rendering-highway service.png
highway pedestrian way area 行人专用街道(步行街)或行人专用区。亦可作为广场的标签用,唯须加上area=yes
Pedestrian with area osm.png
highway track way 小径(通常未铺设路面)。
Rendering-highway track.png
Frühlingslandschft Aaretal Schweiz.jpg
highway bus_guideway way 公交专用车辆的引导轨道(不是铁路),不适合于其他交通工具。请注意:这不是一条常规的巴士专线,用 access=no, psv=yes 代替!
Rendering-highway-bus guideway-mapnik.png
Mercedes-Benz O 305 on guided busway in Adelaide.jpg
highway escape way For runaway truck ramps, runaway truck lanes, emergency escape ramps, or truck arrester beds. It enables vehicles with braking failure to safely stop.
highway raceway way 比赛专用(赛车)车道
highway road way 未知其分类的道路。此标签为临时标签,当找到道路的分类后须以Highway其他标签取代。


highway footway way 主要为行人车或行人专用道路。这包括步行小径和砾石路。如果允许自行车,你可以加入 bicycle=yes 标记表明。
Rendering-highway footway.png
Dscf0487 600.jpg
highway bridleway way 骑马道路。相当于 highway=path + horse=designated
Rendering-highway bridleway.png
highway steps way 在人行道的楼梯(阶梯)。用 step_count=* 来表示阶梯数目。
Rendering-highway steps.png
highway path way 一个非特定的或共享使用的路径。
Path osm.png

When sidewalk (or pavement) is tagged on the main roadway (see Sidewalks)

sidewalk both / left / right / no way Specifies that the highways has sidewalks on both sides, on one side or no sidewalk at all
Sidewalk and zebra-crossing.jpg

When cycleway is drawn as its own way (see Bicycle)

highway cycleway way 主要为自行车或自行车专用道路。只有 默认行驶方式限制 不适用时才添加 foot=*
Cycleway osm.png
Separated cycleway with traffic sign

Cycleway tagged on the main roadway or lane (see Bicycle)

cycleway lane way A lane is a route that lies within the roadway
Cycle trackinroad.jpg
cycleway opposite way Used on ways with oneway=yes where it is legally permitted to cycle in both directions. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
Sul bxl 01.JPG
cycleway opposite_lane way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling lane going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
Fr-C24a ex3-Conditions particulieres par voie-velo.gif
cycleway track way A track provides a route that is separated from traffic. In the United States, this term is often used to refer to bike lanes that are separated from lanes for cars by pavement buffers, bollards, parking lanes, and curbs. Note that a cycle track may alternatively be drawn as a separate way next to the road which is tagged as highway=cycleway.
Cycle nexttoroad.jpg
cycleway opposite_track way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a cycling track going the opposite direction of normal traffic flow. Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
549c Spitzenkiel140923.jpg
cycleway share_busway way There is a bus lane that cyclists are permitted to use.
cycleway opposite_share_busway way Used on ways with oneway=yes that have a bus lane that cyclists are also permitted to use, and which go in the opposite direction to normal traffic flow (a "contraflow" bus lane). Used together with oneway:bicycle=no.
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg
cycleway shared_lane way Cyclists share a lane with motor vehicles, but there are markings indicating that they should share the lane with motorists. In some places these markings are known as "sharrows" ('sharing arrows') and this is the tag to use for those.
Sharrows Toronto 2011.jpg
busway lane way Bus lane on both sides of the road.
2010-01-02 15.19.16.jpg


highway proposed way 计划修建的道路,和 proposed=* 搭配使用。
highway construction way 在建道路,和 construction=* 搭配使用。
Highway construction 200805041655.png
different colours
12Jan05 04.jpg


abutters commercial/ industrial/ mixed/ residential/ retail etc. way See Key:abutters for more details.
bicycle_road yes way A bicycle road is a road designated for bicycles. If residential streets get the status of bicycle roads, normally, by special signs, motor traffic is admitted with limited speed, often only for residents.
driving_side left/ right node relation Defines which side of the road vehicles must legally use. (must only be used on highways when they are an exception to the rule)
Drive on left in australia.jpg
embedded_rails yes / <type of railway> way A highway on which non-railway traffic is also allowed has railway tracks embedded in it but the rails are mapped as separate ways.
Ruusulankatu tram rails (at lat 60.18206, lon 24.92450) heading NW.jpg
ford yes node way 道路通过河流或支叉,车辆必须进水。
Map feature ford.jpg
ice_road yes way A highway is laid upon frozen water basin, definitely doesn't exist in summer.
Pechora crossing.jpg
incline Number %/° node way
junction roundabout way closed way 环岛
lanes number way The number of traffic lanes for general purpose traffic, also for buses and other specific classes of vehicle.
NLEx 6 Lanes.jpg
lit yes/no nodewayarea Street lighting
Berlin speer-leuchte.jpg
motorroad yes/no way node The motorroad tag is used to describe highways that have motorway-like access restrictions but that are not a motorway.
120px-Zeichen 331.svg.png
mountain_pass yes node The highest point of a mountain pass.
Mountain pass.jpg
mtb:scale 0-6 way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A classification scheme for mtb trails (few inclination and downhill).
mtb:scale:uphill 0-5 way A classification scheme for mtb trails for going uphill if there is significant inclination.
mtb:scale:imba 0-4 way The IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System shall be used for bikeparks. It is adapted to mtb trails with artificial obstacles.
mtb:description Text way Applies to highway=path and highway=track. A key to input variable infos related to mtbiking on a way with human words
overtaking yes/ no/ caution/ both/ forward/ backward way Specifying sections of roads where overtaking is legally forbidden. Use overtaking:forward=yes/no/caution and overtaking:backward=yes/no/caution when it depends on driving direction.
parking:condition free/ ticket/ disc/ residents/ customers/ private way Specifying the parking conditions (terms). See parking:condition=* for more details.
parking:lane parallel/ diagonal/ perpendicular/ marked/ no_parking/ no_stopping/ fire_lane. way Specifying the parking space. See parking:lane=* for more details.
passing_places yes way 一条有很多避让空间的路
sac_scale hiking / mountain_hiking / demanding_mountain_hiking / alpine_hiking / demanding_alpine_hiking / difficult_alpine_hiking way Applies to highway=path and highway=footway. A classification scheme for hiking trails.
Mountain hiking.jpg
service alley / driveway / parking_aisle etc. way
Seattle - alley north from S Jackson between Western & 1st - A.jpg
smoothness excellent / good / intermediate / bad / very_bad / horrible / very_horrible / impassable way See Key:smoothness for more details.
Jena Track roots.jpg
surface paved / unpaved / asphalt / concrete / paving_stones / sett / cobblestone / metal / wood / compacted / fine_gravel / gravel / pebblestone / plastic / grass_paver / grass / dirt / earth / mud / sand / ground way See Key:surface for more details.
tactile_paving yes / no node way area A paving in the ground to be followed with a blindman's stick. Not to be rendered on standard maps.
Tactile paving.jpg
tracktype grade1/ grade2/ grade3/ grade4/ grade5 way To describe the quality of the surface. See Key:tracktype for more information.
Surface grade1.jpg
traffic_calming yes / bump / hump / cushion / table etc. node way
trail_visibility excellent / good / intermediate / bad / horrible / no way Applies to highway=path, highway=footway, highway=cycleway and highway=bridleway. A classification for hiking trails visibility
turn left / slight_left / through / right / slight_right / merge_to_left / merge_to_right / reverse way The key turn can be used to specify the direction in which a way or a lane will lead.
Zeichen 297 - Richtungspfeile, StVO 1970.svg
winter_road yes way A highway functions during winter, probably can't be driven in summer.
Anuisk bilibino sever66.jpg


highway bus_stop node 一个小公共汽车站。较大的车站,应用 amenity=bus_station 代替。
Bus stop.12.svg
Bus prumyslova.jpg
highway crossing node 行人在这里可以穿过街道,例如,斑马线、人行横道。
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
highway elevator node way An elevator or lift, used to travel vertically, providing passenger and freight access between pathways at different floor levels.
240 Sparks Elevators.jpg
highway emergency_access_point node
Anfahrpunkt HP 108.jpg
highway give_way node 让路标志。
Give way.jpg
emergency phone node A calling device can be used to tell on your current position in case of an emergency. Use with ref=NUMBER_ON_THE_SIGN
Borne SOS.jpg
highway milestone node Highway location marker
highway mini_roundabout node 较小型的环岛,较大的应使用 junction=roundabout。默认显示为逆时针,如要显示为顺时针则添加 direction=clockwise
highway motorway_junction node 指示一个出口。ref=* 应设置为出口编号或交界标识符。
Dscf0242 600.jpg
highway passing_place node 让车处
highway platform node way area
Rendering-highway railway platform line.png
Bayview trstwy.jpg
highway rest_area node area Place where drivers can leave the road to rest, but not refuel.
Wentworth terrain.jpg
highway speed_camera node 测速探头
Speed camera.jpg
highway street_lamp node 路灯
highway services node area 高速公路/快速公路上的服务区。
Mapping Features Motorway service area.jpg
De lucht.jpg
highway stop node 停止标志。
STOP sign.jpg
highway traffic_mirror node Mirror that reflects the traffic on one road when direct view is blocked.
highway traffic_signals node 交通信号。
Rendering-traffic singals.jpg
highway turning_circle node 回车场地,主要用于居住区道路的尽端。
Turning circle.jpg
highway turning_loop node A widened area of a highway with a non-traversable island for turning around, often circular and at the end of a road.
Turning circle - geograph.org.uk - 991834.jpg
highway toll_gantry node A toll gantry is a gantry suspended over a way, usually a motorway, as part of a system of electronic toll collection. For a toll booth with any kind of barrier or booth see: barrier=toll_booth
ZA toll gantry.png
highway User Defined node way Taginfo 获得更多可用的值。

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