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A trailhead is a visibly designated or customary place where a trip on a trail begins or ends. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Highways
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A trailhead is a designated or customary place where people can stop or start a trip on one or more trails or routes. Its position may be marked by a shelter, pole, special design, flag, banner, or parking area. Often there will be a board with a name and a reference to an operator. Parking space will usually be available. Some trailheads are unmarked and known only by word-of-mouth or from information provided on a list or website.

The highway=trailhead tag is used on a node to identify the position where people prepare to start their trip.

How to map

Basic Trailhead node

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A trailhead node (example on the map) is placed at a location visibly designated or customary for starting a trip on a waymarked route. It is up to the mapper to decide the exact location: it may coincide with a board or guidepost, or maybe a gate or a pole, or a corner of a parking area.

Recommended tagging:

Tag Usage Description
highway=trailhead ! Required This tag is used on a node representing the place where people are supposed to or used to start their trip on a trail, track or route.
name=*  Important If exists, specific name of the trailhead as indicated or customary
operator=* ? Optional Name of the operator if exists.

Additional tagging

As trailheads vary widely across the globe, it is up to local mappers and communities to decide on additional tagging on the node itself and the amenities or facilities which may accompany the trailhead, such as parking area, benches, banner, information board, map board, trail register, toilets, guidepost(s), shelter, ...


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