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道路旁用來標示參考編號與旅程距離的石碑或金屬標誌。 編輯此說明
組: 道路
狀態:習慣使用Page for proposal

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 里程碑是沿著道路或邊界每隔一段距離就有標示數字的標誌,通常是一個單位(例如:1英里或1公里)偶爾會小於一個單位(例如:1.2英里或1.1公里)。一般會立於道路的兩旁或中央,在國外另有mile markers、mileposts與 mile posts(有時候縮寫為MPs)的用法。里程代表的是自起點起算的距離。

Note that although the name "milestone" may be inaccurate by modern standards if due to units shown (i.e. - kilometers, not miles) or construction material (i.e. - metal, not stone), "milestone" is still more commonly used than more technically correct terms such as  Highway location marker.

Similar tags

For "modern" milestones look at

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The following features are based on those described in the article Proposed features/Milestones. This tag has not been approved but is widely used.

highway=milestone, waterway=milestone or railway=milestone are mandatory.

ref=* is optional, only to be used if the milestone actually has a reference number written on it.

distance=* is optional, only to be used if the milestone actually has a number being the distance from the beginning of the road/rail.

  • pk=* has also been used for this purpose, but a discussion on the tagging list in May 2013 suggests distance=* is a better choice than either pk=* or kp=*.
  • If no unit is explicitly given, the unit is assumed to be kilometers. To specify a different unit, add a space after the number, then the unit abbreviation (e.g., <tag k="distance" v="35.0 mi"/> ).
  • Decimal numbers specified with points are allowed.