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Highway location marker Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Highways
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Status: de facto

A highway location marker is the modern-day equivalent of a milestone. Unlike traditional milestones, however, which were originally carved from stone and sited at one-mile intervals, modern highway location markers are made from a variety of materials and are almost invariably spaced at intervals of a kilometre or a fraction thereof.

How to Map

Draw the node node direct on the way that represents the highway and add highway=milestone.

Tags to use in combination

  • distance=* - the distance given on the plate (in km)

Similar tags

For "modern" milestones look at

For "historic" milestones look at


The following features are based on those described in the article Proposed features/Milestones. This tag has not been approved but is widely used.

highway=milestone is mandatory. The node should be part of the way that represents the highway.

ref=* is optional, only to be used if the milestone actually has a reference number written on it.

distance=* is optional, only to be used if the milestone actually has a number being the distance from the beginning of the road/rail.

  • pk=* has also been used for this purpose, but a discussion on the tagging list in May 2013 suggests distance=* is a better choice than either pk=* or kp=*.
  • If no unit is explicitly given, the unit is assumed to be kilometers. To specify a different unit, add a space after the number, then the unit abbreviation (e.g., 35.0 mi).
  • Decimal numbers specified with points are allowed.