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Open Historical Map (OHM) ( is an effort to use the OSM infrastructure as a foundation for creating the world's most universal, detailed, and out-of-date map. OHM will focus on the mapping elements where OSM excels - shores, political boundaries, buildings, and ways. Future and other efforts may engage in discussing actions, events, people, and movable items.

Note: As opposed to other projects such as OpenSeaMap, OHM makes use of its own database independent of OSM.

An early draft Open Historical Map/FAQ is available.

Editing OHM

OpenHistoricalMap data can be edited online using both iD and Potlatch.

Using JOSM it is necessary to alter the api connection parameter (uncheck the default): use (note http not https as on the OSM site).

How to map

Consider Comparison of life cycle concepts. In particular the date namespace suffix and the lifecycle prefix may be useful.

Google Summer of Code Proposal

A number of projects that are in the [Wikimaps], OSM, OHM, Wikimedia area would benefit from the temporal flexibility in the OSM tool stack. This would allow us to use data across projects, using layers from multiple sources at different time periods. These projects include:

  • design a how-to map
  • Enhance the ID and The_Rails_Port so that a javascript time/date slider can be added to control the time period that is of interest.
  • Enhance the ID and The_Rails_Port so that meta-data hooks are added to the code that allow for custom deployments of both software. The intent is to support their use as dedicated user interfaces to certain applications (such as medieval walking path editing) while still using a generic data source.

Short-term plans

Keys proposed

Related OSM Projects

  • OSM-4D (see German version -translation link on top- as English version needs more translation)
  • Historic - OSM Wiki page on Historic sites in general
  • Proposed_features/historic_event - Failed proposal for including events in the OSM database
  • Historic Objekts - An atlas of historic sites based on OSM
  • HistOSM - An atlas of historic sites based on OSM, out of the University of Heidelberg