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Taginfo showing the highway key

Taginfo is a system for finding and aggregating information about OSM tags and making it browsable and searchable. It was created by Jochen Topf.

You can try it out at: taginfo.openstreetmap.org. This is the main taginfo site and covers the whole planet. See Sites for other instances.

Geofabrik runs also taginfo and has regional databases for all all regions and subregions on the Geofabrik Download Server, so you can find for example taginfo for Europe on https://taginfo.geofabrik.de/europe and for Poland on https://taginfo.geofabrik.de/europe/poland.
For a link to all supported regions see this site.


  • Contact - How to report bugs or contact the developers
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sites - Web sites running the taginfo software
  • Parsing the Wiki - Information about how taginfo parses the OSM wiki
  • Linking - Linking to taginfo
  • API - The taginfo API
  • Embedding - Embedding of taginfo output in this wiki
  • Taglists - Using tag lists (in this wiki and outside)
  • Architecture - Architecture of the taginfo system
  • Sources - Data sources for taginfo
  • Projects - Data from external projects for taginfo
  • Installation - Running your own copy of taginfo
  • I18N - Translating taginfo into other languages

More information about taginfo in these entries on Jochen's blog.

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