CanVec: Industrial and commercial areas (IC)

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This page describes OSM features tagging of NRCan's CanVec product (.osm version)
Notes are at the end of tagging description

SpecCode Geometry Entity Attributes OSM Tag(s)
135001* area Pit Pit landuse=quarry;resource=aggregate
135002* area Quarry Quarry landuse=quarry;resource=aggregate
135003* nodearea Extraction area Unknown landuse=quarry;fixme=identify extracted resource tag value
135004* nodearea Mine Mine landuse=quarry;fixme=identify extracted resource tag value
135005* area Peat cutting Peat cutting landuse=quarry;resource=peat
136001* area Domestic waste Domestic waste landuse=landfill;note=domestic landfill
136002* nodearea Industrial solid depot Industrial solid depot landuse=landfill;note=Industrial solid depot
136003* nodearea Industrial and commercial area Unknown landuse=commercial;fixme=Mix of both industrial and commercial area
211001* area Lumber yard Lumber yard landuse=industrial;note=Lumber yard
236001* node Auto wrecker Auto wrecker landuse=industrial;note=Auto wrecker
260001* node Mining area Mine, underground, operational landuse=quarry;fixme=identify extracted resource tag value

note 1: Entity and attribute descriptions can be found here.
note 2: Entity specification code (SpecCode) is a seven digit number where * should be replaced with the appropriate Geometry indicator (0 = Point, 1 = Line, 2 = Area).
note 3: Resource key definition can be found here