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This page lists Canadian warning road signs, which is divided into three subseries under the Manual of Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC):

  • Wa - Physical conditions
  • Wb - Regulations ahead
  • Wc - Intermittent moving hazards

Wa series (physical conditions)

MUTCDC sign code Image English French Tags Notes
Wa-1 Ontario Wa-1R.svg Sharp turn Virage brusque hazard=turn
Wa-2 Ontario Wa-2R.svg Turn curve hazard=turn
Wa-3 Ontario Wa-3R.svg Curve Virage hazard=curve
Wa-4 Ontario Wa-4R.svg Reverse turn hazard=turns
Wa-5 Ontario Wa-5R.svg Reverse curve hazard=curves+curves=serpentine
Wa-6 Ontario Wa-6R.svg Winding road hazard=curves+curves=extended
Wa-7 Ontario Wa-7t.svg Advisory speed maxspeed:advisory=*
Wa-8 Ontario Wa-8.svg Checkerboard - dead end noexit=yes
Wa-8L Ontario Wa-8L.svg Left end checkerboard none
Wa-8R Ontario Wa-8R.svg Right end checkerboard none
Wa-8A Ontario Wa-31.svg No exit noexit=yes Ontario: Wa-31
Wa-9 Ontario Wa-9R.svg Chevron alignment none
Wa-10 Exit speed maxspeed:advisory=*
  • Ontario: Wa-32

Most provinces place the words "Exit" (French: Sortie) on top of the advisory speed.

Wa-11 Ontario Wa-11.svg Concealed road hazard=dangerous_junction
Wa-12 Ontario Wa-12R.svg Concealed road hazard=dangerous_junction
Wa-13 Ontario Wa-13R.svg Concealed road hazard=dangerous_junction
Wa-14 Ontario Wa-14.svg T junction hazard=dangerous_junction
Wa-15 Ontario Wa-15.svg Y junction hazard=dangerous_junction
Wa-16 Ontario Wa-16L.svg Merge hazard=dangerous_junction
Wa-17 Ontario Wa-17.svg Double arrow none
Wa-18 Ontario Wc-4.svg Railway crossing none Ontario: Wc-4
Wa-19 Ontario Wc-4BR.svg Railway crossing ahead at T none Ontario: Wc-4B
Wa-20 Railway crossing ahead at crossroads none Ontario: not used
Wa-21 Ontario Wa-21.svg Hill incline=* (value in per cent)
Wa-21t Ontario Wa-21t.svg Use lower gear Rétrogradez none
Wa-22 Ontario Wa-22.svg Bump Cahot none
Wa-23 Ontario Wa-28.svg Road narrows none
  • Ontario: Wa-28
Wa-24 Ontario Wa-24.svg Narrow structure none
Wa-24t Ontario Wa-24t.svg One lane 1 voie none
Wa-25 Ontario Wa-25.svg Pavement ends Fin du revêtement none
Wa-26 Ontario Wa-26.svg Low clearance maxheight=*
Wa-27 Ontario Wa-27.svg Low clearance maxheight=*
Wa-28t Ontario Wa-6t.svg Distance from warning object (for use with Wa series signs) none
Wa-31 Ontario Wa-34.svg Divided highway begins none Ontario: Wa-34
Wa-32 Ontario Wa-35.svg Divided highway ends none Ontario: Wa-35
Wa-33 Ontario Wa-23R.svg Lane ends none Ontario: Wa-23
Wa-34 Ontario Wa-72.svg Divided highway crossing none Ontario: Wa-72
Wa-36 Ontario Wa-33LR.svg Hazard marker none Ontario: Wa-33
Wa-37 Ontario Wa-1123R.svg Lane ends ahead XX km (overhead sign) turn:lanes=||merge_to_left (number of pipes depending on number of lanes). Ontario: Wa-1123. Alberta, Saskatchewan uses a yellow diamond surrounding the lane drop pictogram, and the words “LANE ENDS”.
Wa-38 Roundabout directional none Ontario: not used
Wa-39 Ontario road sign Wa-39.svg Roundabout none