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As a result of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, and after verifying that currently there are in OSM only about 1700 of the nearly 3000 pharmacies in Catalonia, we started this project to import and complete the data availabe from the official data offered by the regional government in its open government web. You can see more in Ca:Importació dades Generalitat de Catalunya (in catalan).

Import Data


The dataset is publicated under the Creative Commons license.

Data description

We'll extract the data from here, filtering the pharmacies.

Import type

The import will be done manually, using the Tasks Manager, so it can be assigned to different volunteers. JOSM will be used to edit the data.

Data Preparation

We filter the data with the field "CATEGORIA=Salut|Farmàcies"

Tagging Plans

Here are the original fields, their meaning and how they will be converted to the resulting OSM file:

Tagging Conversion
Original Fields Meaning OSM tag Comments
IDEQUIPAMENT Internal identifier ref=*
ALIES alternative name Not used
NOM name name=*
CATEGORIA category Not used
TIPUS_VIA type of street No data
VIA street addr:full=*; addr:street=*; addr:housenumber=*
SUFIX_VIA street sufix No data
NUM housenumber No data
CPOSTAL postal code addr:postcode=*
POBLACIO city addr:city=*
COMARCA county Not used
TELEFON1 main phone contact:phone=* We add the international prefix +34
TELEFON2 secondary phone Not used
FAX fax contact:fax=*
UTMX x coordinate Not used
UTMY y coordinate Not used
LONGITUD longitude in WGS84 lon
LATITUD latitude in WGS84 lat
EMAIL email contact:email=*
WEB web website=*
DATA_MODIFICACIO date source:date=*
PROPIETATS other properties No data
LOCALITZACIO geo-reference data Not used

We add the following tag:

Changeset Tags

We will use the following changeset tags:

Data Import Workflow

Team Approach

Import will be undertaken by experienced OSM volunteers, following a strict workflow. Each volunteer will choose a file with 50 nodes and will import them to OSM, while merging them with the old ones they may encounter.


We use the Task Manager to coordinate the importation. The workflow will be:

  1. Create, if we don't have one yet, an import specific user account. Change the OSM username to the specific account in the JOSM preferences.
  2. Load a task following the instructions of the task manager
  3. Check geo-location
  4. Check if there are another pharmacie nearly, conflate if necesary
  5. Check the addr:street=* with the street's name in OSM

Using the Task Manager allows the verification for two mappers of possible errors, like duplicated features.


There are hundreds of pharmacies already in the OSM database. Some of them are independent of the new ones, and thererfore we will leave them in the map. For the duplicate of one of the new nodes, we'll use the JOSM Merge tool (M), and manually check the existent tags.

Reverse plan

In case of any trouble, JOSM reverter will be used.