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Getting involved

  1. map the bus stops in your area and add it to the bus stop list (see below)
  2. if you travel on a particular route often, map the bus stops that you know
  3. check the exiting bus stops in areas that you are familiar with
  4. if you have good knowled of the mtc network, help in properly classifying the roads and extending the bus network road (mainly outside the city limits)

See Chennai#Getting_Started and Chennai#Mapping for help with the mapping



  • Chennai Corporation - List of bus route roads Most of these roads within city limits have already been mapped.
  • Wikimapia quite a few bus stops are marked on wikimapia. just move to a particular area and search for the keywords 'bus', 'mtc', 'stop' and 'stand'. this could help in locating bus roads


The bus route roads in Chennai are presently tagged according to frequency of buses:

  • highway=motorway for high speed highways/expressways with median. These roads are usually serviced by intercity buses
  • highway=trunk for arterial roads with median carrying majority of city traffic like Inner Ring Road, Anna Salai. These roads are major bus corridors
  • highway=primary for main roads with very high bus frequency <10min
  • highway=secondary for other roads served by public transport buse but with lower bus frequency >10min
  • Any other road that is not served by public transport must be tagged with the other tags, see Chennai#Roads




Bus Stops

  • highway=bus_stop
  • name=X bus stop
  • ref=mtcstop# ,refer to bus stop list for details

Bus Terminus

Bus terminuses or bus stands are where a route originates or terminates. Is bigger than a bus stop and has space for temporary parking of buses

  • amenity=bus_station
  • name=X MTC Terminus