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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

latitude: 13.09, longitude: 80.27
Browse map of Chennai 13°05′24.00″ N, 80°16′12.00″ E
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Chennai is a city in Tamil Nadu, India at latitude 13°05′24.00″ North, longitude 80°16′12.00″ East. Chennai is India's fourth largest city and the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu.

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Chennai in the press

Article in The Hindu.

Getting Started

  • Check out the India#Getting_started project page. Or drop a message to User:Planemad
  • Click here for easy step by step instructions for using the online map editor (potlatch)
  • Chennai#Adopt a ward or just edit your area of interest
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  • NOTE your edits may take about a day to show up on the osmarender layer or about a week for the main mapnik layer. If you are impatient you can always request a rerender of an osmarender tile by going here and pressing 'r' over the selected tile.

Common map features (See Map Features for full list)

Here are a list of common features to map, use it in conjuntion with the name=something tag to label it.


  • atm, bank, doctors, fuel, police, post_box, post_office, toilets
  • bus_station, school, college, hospital, place_of_worship, embassy, public_building, parking
  • cinema, theatre (for performance halls), cafe, nightclub, pub, restaurant


Use this map or ward maps from your local corporation office to draw the boundaries for the wards and zones. tag the boundary with boundary=administrative (See details). Zones are admin_level=9 and wards are admin_level=10. The naming is done through relations composed of different segments and not closed polygons, this way a particular boundary segment can be part of a district, zone or ward.



Within Chennai Metropolitan area:


Roads within chennai metro area are currently tagged based on public transport coverage (Refer to Chennai/Bus Route mapping project/OSM Mapping#Tagging ) since there is no official classification information.

  • highway=motorway for high speed highways/expressways with median. These roads are usually serviced by intercity buses
  • highway=trunk for arterial roads with median carrying majority of city traffic like Inner Ring Road, Anna Salai. These roads are major bus corridors
  • highway=primary for main roads with very high bus frequency <10min
  • highway=secondary for other roads served by public transport buse but with lower bus frequency >10min

Roads not served by public transport:

  • highway=tertiary for main roads and connecting roads that are not served by buses
  • highway=residential roads used only for local residential traffic
  • highway=service service roads alongside main roads or inside private properties/restricted entry
  • highway=living_street roads in dense resedential localities and slums. no footpaths on the sides. can be accessed by a car but with very slow speed.
  • highway=pedestrian narrow roads accessible only by a 3 or 2 wheeler and not by cars.
  • highway=footway footpaths or paths that can only be accessed by foot


Road names

  • Since many streets have small length, the road names have been abbreiviated to improve rendering. Road is Rd, Street is St, Avenue is Ave, Lane is Ln.
  • If a particular area has a lot of similiar named short streets like X Nagar 1st St, X Nagar 2nd St. Add a POI in the area with tag name=X Nagar & place=locality. Tag atleast one street woth the full name name=X Nagar 1st St and shorten the subsequent streetnames as name=2nd St, name=3rd St alongwith is_in=X Nagar tag example

Adopt a ward

Start off by mapping your area or adopt an area which you will maintain and keep updated. Add your name to the table below, this way everyone knows whos holding the broom for a locality which could turn out quite handy later. Find out which ward you belong to using this map. You can also collect details of all the wards in a zone from the zone office, look here to find out where the zone office is located

Next, locate your ward office and tag it on the map for the benefit of others. Obtain the ward map from the assistant engineer/junior engineer in the office and mark the ward boundaries. Add missing streets and streetnames from the map given by the corporation. Tag all corporation maintained amenities like parks, schools, halls, burial grounds, public toilets. Take a print out and hand it to the ward office for verification. In addition you can also give a copy to the post office in your area and ask them to mark post boxes and verify the streets.

amenity=public_building+name=Teynampet Corporation Ward Office+ref=coc_w113

North Chennai Zones 1-4

Zone Zone Name Ward Ward Name Users Streetmap Streetnames Ward Boundary Ward Office Ground verification
I Tondiarpet 1 Kodungaiyur (West)
I Tondiarpet 2 Kodungaiyur (East)
I Tondiarpet 3 Dr.Radhakrishnan Nagar (North)
I Tondiarpet 4 Cherian Nagar (North) 
I Tondiarpet 5 Jeeva Nagar (North) User:Parim
I Tondiarpet 6 Cherian Nagar (South)
I Tondiarpet 7 Jeeva Nagar (South)
I Tondiarpet 8 Korukupet
I Tondiarpet 9 Mottai Thottam
I Tondiarpet 10 Kumaraswamy Nagar (South)
I Tondiarpet 11 Dr.Radhakrishnan Nagar (South)
I Tondiarpet 12 Kumaraswamy Nagar (North)
I Tondiarpet 13 Dr. Vijayaraghavalu Nagar
II Basin Bridge 14 Tondiarpet
II Basin Bridge 15 Sanjeevarayanpet
II Basin Bridge 16 Grace Garden
II Basin Bridge 17 Ma Po Si Nagar
II Basin Bridge 18 Royapuram
II Basin Bridge 19 Singara Garden
II Basin Bridge 20 Narayanappa Garden
II Basin Bridge 21 Old Washermenpet
II Basin Bridge 22 Meenakshiammanpet
II Basin Bridge 23 Kondithope
II Basin Bridge 24 Seven Wells (North)
II Basin Bridge 25 Amman Koil 
II Basin Bridge 26 Muthialpet
II Basin Bridge 27 Vallal Seethakadhi Nagar
II Basin Bridge 28 Katchaleeswarar Nagar 
II Basin Bridge 29 Seven Wells (South)
II Basin Bridge 30 Sowcarpet
II Basin Bridge 31 Basin Bridge
III Pulianthope 32 Vysarpadi (South)
III Pulianthope 33 Vysarpadi (North)
III Pulianthope 34 Perambur (North)
III Pulianthope 35 Perambur (East)
III Pulianthope 36 Elango Nagar 
III Pulianthope 37 Perambur (South)
III Pulianthope 38 Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar
III Pulianthope 39 Wadia Nagar
III Pulianthope 40 Dr.Sathiyavanimuthu Nagar 
III Pulianthope 41 Pulianthope
III Pulianthope 42 Dr.Besant Nagar
III Pulianthope 43 Peddunaickenpet
III Pulianthope 44 Perumal Koil Garden
III Pulianthope 45 Thattankulam
III Pulianthope 46 Choolai
III Pulianthope 47 Park Town
III Pulianthope 48 Elephant Gate
III Pulianthope 49 Edapalayam
IV Ayanavaram 50 Agaram (North)
IV Ayanavaram 51 Chembium
IV Ayanavaram 52 Siruvallur
IV Ayanavaram 53 Nagamaniammaiyar Nagar (North)
IV Ayanavaram 54 Agaram (South)
IV Ayanavaram 55 Viduthalai Gurusamy Nagar (South)
IV Ayanavaram 56 Ayanavaram
IV Ayanavaram 57 Naganmaniammayar Nagar (South)
IV Ayanavaram 58 Panneerselvam Nagar 
IV Ayanavaram 59 Maraimalai Adigal Nagar (North)
IV Ayanavaram 60 Maraimalai Adigal Nagar (South)
IV Ayanavaram 61 Purasawalkam
IV Ayanavaram 62 Kolathur
IV Ayanavaram 63 Villivakkam (North)

South Chennai Zones 5-10

Zone Zone Name Ward Ward Name Users Streetmap Streetnames Ward Boundary Ward Office Ground verification
V Kilpauk 64 Villivakkam (South)
V Kilpauk 65 Virugambakkam (North)
V Kilpauk 66 Anna Nagar (West)
V Kilpauk 67 Anna Nagar (Central) 
V Kilpauk 68 Anna Nagar (East)
V Kilpauk 69 Shenoy Nagar 
V Kilpauk 70 Kilpauk (North) 
V Kilpauk 71 Gangadeeswarar Koil 
V Kilpauk 72 Kilpauk (South)
V Kilpauk 73 Aminjikarai (East)
V Kilpauk 74 Aminjikarai (Central)
V Kilpauk 75 Aminjikarai (West)
V Kilpauk 76 Periyar Nagar (North)
V Kilpauk 77 Periyar Nagar (South)
V Kilpauk 78 Nungambakkam
VI Ice House 79 Adikesavapuram 
VI Ice House 80 Nehru Nagar
VI Ice House 81 Chintadripet
VI Ice House 82 Komaleeswaranpet
VI Ice House 83 Balasubramaniam Nagar
VI Ice House 84 Thiruvotteeswaranpet
VI Ice House 85 Dr.Natesan Nagar 
VI Ice House 86 Chepauk
VI Ice House 87 Zam Bazaar
VI Ice House 88 Umarupulavar Nagar
VI Ice House 89 Thiruvallikeni
VI Ice House 90 Marina
VI Ice House 91 Krishnampet
VI Ice House 92 Bharathi Nagar
VI Ice House 93 Azad Nagar (North)
VI Ice House 94 Bharathidasan Nagar
VI Ice House 95 Azad Nagar (South)
VI Ice House 96 Vivekanandapuram
VII Nungamabakkam 97 Anjukam Ammaiyar Nagar
VII Nungamabakkam 98 Kosapet
VII Nungamabakkam 99 Pattalam
VII Nungamabakkam 100 Anbhazhagan Nagar
VII Nungamabakkam 101 Perumalpet
VII Nungamabakkam 102 Kannappar Nagar
VII Nungamabakkam 103 Dr.Ambedkar Nagar 
VII Nungamabakkam 104 Chetpet
VII Nungamabakkam 105 Egmore
VII Nungamabakkam 106 Pudupet
VII Nungamabakkam 107 Ko-Si-Mani Nagar User:Abattoir
VII Nungamabakkam 108 Nakkeerar Nagar User:Abattoir
VII Nungamabakkam 109 Thousand Lights
VII Nungamabakkam 110 Azhagiri Nagar
VII Nungamabakkam 111 Amir Mahal
VII Nungamabakkam 112 Royapettah
VII Nungamabakkam 113 Teynampet User:Planemad 100% 100% yes yes
VIII Kodamabakkam 114 Sathiyamoorthi Nagar
VIII Kodamabakkam 115 Alwarpet (North)
VIII Kodamabakkam 116 Alwarpet (South) 
VIII Kodamabakkam 117 Vadapalani (West)
VIII Kodamabakkam 118 Vadapalani (East)
VIII Kodamabakkam 119 Kalaivanar Nagar
VIII Kodamabakkam 120 Navalar Nedunchezian Nagar (East)
VIII Kodamabakkam 121 Navalar Nedunchezian Nagar (West)
VIII Kodamabakkam 122 Ashok Nagar
VIII Kodamabakkam 123 M.G.R.Nagar
VIII Kodamabakkam 124 Kamaraj Nagar (North)
VIII Kodamabakkam 125 Kamaraj Nagar (South)
VIII Kodamabakkam 126 Thiyagaraya Nagar
VIII Kodamabakkam 127 Rajaji Nagar
VIII Kodamabakkam 128 Virugambakkam (South)
VIII Kodamabakkam 129 Saligramam
IX Saidapet 130 Kodambakkam (North)
IX Saidapet 131 Kodambakkam (South)
IX Saidapet 132 Saidapet (West)
IX Saidapet 133 Kumaran Nagar (North)
IX Saidapet 134 Kumaran Nagar (South)
IX Saidapet 135 Saidapet (East)
IX Saidapet 136 Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar
IX Saidapet 137 V.O.C.Nagar
IX Saidapet 138 G.D. Naidu Nagar (East)
IX Saidapet 139 G.D. Naidu Nagar (South)
IX Saidapet 140 Guindy (West)
IX Saidapet 141 Guindy (East)
X Mylapore 142 Bhemmannapet
X Mylapore 143 Thiruvalluvar Nagar
X Mylapore 144 Madhavaperumal Puram
X Mylapore 145 Karaneeswarapuram
X Mylapore 146 Santhome
X Mylapore 147 Mylapore
X Mylapore 148 Avvai Nagar (North)
X Mylapore 149 Raja Annamalaipuram
X Mylapore 150 Avvai Nagar (South)
X Mylapore 151 Adyar (West)
X Mylapore 152 Adyar (East)
X Mylapore 153 Velacherry 
X Mylapore 154 Thriuvanmiyur (West)
X Mylapore 155 Thiruvanmiyur (East)