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編輯規範 Tagging scheme

  • 所有路線須以一個路線集合來包含所有的路線營運模式 All route must have one route master containing all variant of operation modes.
  • 就算該路線無延駛、繞駛情況下,也須按照上述格式製作 Even if the route have no extension or detour, the scheme is the same.
  • 去往程需要拆開成分別的關聯 Both direction of the routes have to be separated relations.


一條公車路線主要由以下部份組成: Bus routes are mapped as a hierarchy of:

  • 公車路網 (Route Network):公車路線所屬之路網 The bus network that a route belongs to.
  • 路線集合 (Route Masters):公車路線路段(往程/返程)、調度站等之集合 Includes the route sections and depots of a bus route.
  • 路線及調度站 (Bus Depots and Routes):故名思義 As the name suggests.
  • 停靠站牌及行駛路徑 (Stop Positions and Ways):故名思義 As the name suggests.
relation 路線集合
  • type=route_master
  • route_master=bus
  • name=所轄城市 編號 <City of supervision> <Route number>(e.g. "嘉義BRT 7211: 嘉義公園→嘉義縣立體育館")

(可選擇加上外文名稱 tagging in other language are optional;e.g. name:en=Chiayi BRT 7211: Chiayi Park→Chiayi County Gymnasium

  • network=公車路網(e.g. "嘉義BRT")

(可選擇加上外文名稱 tagging in other language are optional;e.g. network:en=Chiayi BRT

  • opening_hours=營運時間 Operating hours(e.g. Mo-Su 05:00-22:30)
  • operator=營運業者 Route Operator(e.g. 嘉義客運)

(可選擇加上外文名稱 tagging in other language are optional;e.g. operator:en=Chiayi Bus

  • ref=公車編號 Route Number(e.g. 7211)
  • wheelchair=yes(無障礙路線 If the route is barrier-free)
relation 11082528
relation 11085009
relation 路線
  • type=route
  • route=bus
  • name=所轄城市 編號 起點-訖點 (往程/返程) <City of supervision> <Route number>: Starts→Ends (Outbound/Inbound)(e.g. "嘉義BRT 7211: 嘉義公園→嘉義縣立體育館 (往程)")

(「往程/返程」可依各縣市公車動態資訊系統為準,或以前往市中心路段作「返程 (Inbound)」,反之則為「往程 (Outbound)」 You can classify the route as Inbound/ Outbound according to the E-bus bus tracking system respectively, or just take "Inbound" as routes towards downtown, and vice versa.)

  • public_transport:version=2
  • ref=Route Number (e.g. 7211)
  • from=起點 name of the departure(e.g. 嘉義公園)
  • to=線點 name of the destination(e.g. 嘉義縣立體育館)

(起點與終點不一定需要與該車站相同 from and to are not always as same as the first stop and last stop.

  • (可選擇加上外文名稱 tagging in other language are optional)
relation 11082526
relation 11085007

公車站牌 Bus stops

公車站牌 Bus stops are mapped as a hierarchy of:

  • 公車站區 (Stop Areas):附近使用相同名稱站牌之集合,如:台北車站 A collection of bus stops use the same name in an area, e.g. Taipei Main Station.
  • 公車站牌 (Platforms):故名思義,公車停靠之站牌位置 As the name suggests, the position where people waiting and boarding buses.
relation Stop area relation 6533342
node Platform

(可選擇加上外文名稱 tagging in other language are optional;e.g. name:en=Chiayi Train Station

  • ref=站牌編號 Bus Stop Code(e.g. 1210;可參考各縣市公車動態資訊系統 Refer to E-bus bus tracking system if needed)
  • operator=維護單位 Maintenance (if available)
  • bench=yes/no - 該站牌是否有附帶椅子。
  • shelter=yes/no - 該站牌是否有附帶公車亭。
node 2858333224
node 2428293160
node 5404772505
node 6047336588

路線列表 Routes


經營業者 Operator 路線及起訖點 Route 路線集合 Route Master 目前進度 Status 最後檢查 Last checked 註解 Notes
國光客運 中山幹線 嘉義大學蘭潭校區-嘉義榮民醫院
Chiayi University Lan Tan Campus─Chiayi Veterans Hospital
relation 11082528 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) 另有中山幹線A線延駛至劉厝社區
Chiayi County Bus
7 大雅站-後火車站
Da Ya Station─Transit Center
relation 11082529 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
66 港坪運動公園-蘭潭
Kang Ping Sport Park—Lantan
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)


經營業者 Operator 路線及起訖點 Route 路線集合 Route Master 目前進度 Status 最後檢查 Last checked 註解 Notes
Chiayi County Bus
101 嘉義-塘興村
Chiayi—Tong Xing village
relation 11094941 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
102 嘉義-松仔腳
Chiayi─Song Zai Jiao
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
105 高鐵嘉義站-蒜頭國小
HSR Chiayi Station─Suantou Elementary school
relation 11089404 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
106 嘉義車站-高鐵嘉義站
Chiayi—HSR Chiayi Station
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
107 梅山-太平
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
108 大雅站-茶山 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
109 聖馬爾定醫院-菜公店 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
Alishan Bus Transportation
166 高鐵嘉義站-鹽水
HSR Chiayi Station─Yanshui
relation 9965005 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
168 高鐵嘉義站-高跟鞋教堂
HSR Chiayi Station─Budai Church heels
relation 5424028 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
Chiayi Bus
幸福朴子1路 朴子轉運站-樹林頭
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
幸福東石1路 朴子轉運站-洲子村 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
幸福東石2路 四股-東石漁人碼頭
Sigu─Dongshi Fishman's Wharf
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)