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Community Update from 29 November 2010 to 05 December 2010 (week 2010-48)

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Image Of the Week 2010-48


Viewing a map of Dublin City Centre in Adobe Illustrator - SVG file was produced by latest release of Maperitive

Project Of The Week : Your train station

They are a point in a daily commute of countless people. Utilitarian, they must provide for efficient movement of people in crowds. Seemingly vacant at one minute and then teeming the next, with the hustle and bustle of those determined to get from here to there. The ordinary and repetitious trip of a commuter can lead to blank faces, seeming drones programmed to catch the 7:15 without interaction with others, without emotion.

Yet they have also been the scene of emotional hellos and goodbyes of embraces and tears. An important milestone in a departure or declaration of independence or a the happy relief of a return after a long absence.

The Project of the Week is to map your local train station, bus depot, or other public transit center.


News Of The Week

Bing imagery available for Tracing

After the thanksgiving week-end, lawers of bing map has announed the terms of use of theres aerial imagery. Between this time, the common editors has started to land support for those imagery.

  • Josm through the imagery plugin or the SlippyMap plugin
  • Potlatch through the background menu
  • Merkaartor as a plugin for the yet to release v0.17 (currently rc3).

Warning : Aerial imagery can be shifted from its origin position. If you forget to correct this in your editor, it can cause problems when editing OSM data. To solve this problem there is a plan to create a central system for automatic correction of this offset.

Potlatch2 published to main OSM site

Potlatch2 the famous OSM editor writen in flash is now available on th main website. If you hold your mouse on the "Modify" tab, you should be able to choose witch yor prefered editor. The rewriting of potlatch has bring lot of improvement and user friendlyness. It's easier to manage tags, backgrounds, relations, undo and saving the changset.


Despite the quite week, i had a hand from more people than usual... Thanks everybody, especially (but not only) :

!i!, Pascal and Jonas for the news and Chippy , Stephan75 for corrections and FrViPofm for the useful template!