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Community Update from 13 December 2010 to 19 December 2010 (week 2010-50)

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Image Of the Week 2010-50


A great day mapping for residents of Montreuil-le-Gast ([1]) (Brittany, France). The first time for many of us, but ultimately a great success! To be continued...

Project Of The Week : Bicycle parking

We want to watch our waistlines and our carbon consumption so we like to ride our bikes more than we used to do. That's fine when we take a trip for the sake of a trip, but what about when we want to pick up the groceries, or borrow a book from the library? We need a safe place to put our bike so that it won't impede others and so that it will be there for us when we need it again. We need a bike rack.

The Project of the Week is to map your local bicycle parking infrastructure.

Amenity-bicycle parking.png

News Of The Week

RFC: Anime Stuff Shop

A new value for the key shop=* has been proposed. This new proposition permit to mark shop that sells anime video or manga has shop=anime. You can then refine by using anime:manga=yes or anime:video=no

As usual, you can make you comments on the Talk page

RFC : OSM objects

Someone has proposed a tag osm=* to manage all relations and area that are created for interanl use only and are not really usefull mapping data like bing/yahoo coverage ,...

This proposition has already recieve quite strong negative advice: users tend to say that these kind of relations should not exists in osm main db. because they cause very high server load.

But you are invited to leave your comments on the talk page


RFC : Depots

Another proposition made this week is to have "depot" as value to landuse. Depots are defined by land that is used as a service depot of vehicles or other utilities. While

Other users tend to use specificities of other tags to represents these like landuse=industrial + industrial=depot

You are invited to leave your comments on the talk page.


Massive import of Airports

An osm user has created and launched a script to import tons of airports to osm. This scripts verify the existence of airport node but not of ways. So he import also tons of duplicate airport to the db. While the community has quickly react, the author has also respond to criticism and revert majority of his work.

Thisgood ending story prove again that if you want to do massive scripting work, you should ask the list first.

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