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Community Update from 20 December 2010 to 26 December 2010 (week 2010-51)

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Image Of the Week 2010-51

Extrusion in mapnik16.png

Komяpa has found a way to render 3D buildings. Famous Ostankino tower (drawn by Hind) looks very real! Some more.

Project Of The Week : Places of worship

A place of worship serves as a meeting place, a place to celebrate or remember and as a focal point of a community. Some places of worship are useful in navigation as a distinctive or tall building.

The Project of the Week is to add local places of worship to the map.

Place of worship.png

News Of The Week

Merkaartor 0.17.0 has been released

The new version of Merkaartor (0.17) has been released this week. This editor writen in Qt, add a bunch of new features with this release :

  • French Cadastre plugin
  • Bing Maps plugin
  • GDAL raster background plugin
  • Printing and exporting to PDF/raster/SVG
  • Extrude interaction for ways
  • filter system

and much much more... see more on the announce.

OSM Updates

The official OSM website ([2]) has got several updates. You can now see 30 mappers around your location in your user area (previously only 10). Furthermore the last changesets of the mappers are displayed.

Taginfo updates

This week, taginfo has been updated. It now support the new pbf format so it can import faster. this permit to do updates daily (a timestamp is present on every page). has you also probably notice, it has been integrated to the wiki to provide stats about keys and values like highway=* and highway=residential.


Voting for anime

Has previously describe, the RFC for anime shop is now in the "voting" phase.

Leave your vote and your comments on the page


Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2011