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Community Update from 27 December 2010 to 02 January 2011 (week 2010-52)

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Image Of the Week 2010-52

Urban accessibility map of Castelfiorentino.png

The accessibility map of Castelfiorentino, Italy was made in the participatory process “Free Access for all”. Printable version, based on OSM data, can be downloaded for free.

Project Of The Week : Libraries

A library as rendered in the mapnik layer Libraries are repositories of information, places of learning and of research. One of the ancient libraries, the Library of Alexandria is credited with comparing different versions of books with empirical standards which became the beginnings of the scientific method. Libraries are filled with adventures of discovery wrapped in layers of shush.

The Project of the Month is to add local libraries to the map.

Pashkov dom ugol.jpg

News Of The Week

Buildings... Ground or Roof ?

With imagery like bing, you can trace buildings but the perspective of the plane taking the photos introduces a difference between roof and ground. Which one should we map? Buildings should be drawn based on their shape and position at ground level. You can trace the roof so it's easier to see the shape and then move the shape to its right location.


Côte d'Ivoire New Imagery

The map of Abidjan has been greatly improved in the past weeks. Most of the tracing has been done with Bing aerial imagery, but the problem is that it does not cover the whole area of Abidjan.

To answer this need of data sources other than Bing imagery, SPOT Images kindly offers us satellite imagery over the region of Abidjan.

See WikiProject Côte d'Ivoire for details


Turn Restrictions

In Argentina, there is a rule that says that if you are driving in a two way highway (residential, primary, secondary, etc) you can't turn left unless there is a sign and/or traffic light.

Naturally, mappers asked themselves should they map only allowed turn, only restricted turn or both.

To be compatible with other countries mapping only restricted is good but it ask a lot of efforts. Community seems to not have a consensus on this, and the debate is still running :)



Thanks to !i!.