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Community Update from 03 January 2011 to 09 January 2011 (week 2011-01)

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Image Of the Week 2011-01


Snowsports maps from with contours and hillshading. Hitting the slopes this winter? Check out WikiProject Piste Maps.

Project Of The Week : Police stations

When you need to find a police station, you need to find it Right Now! The Project of the Week is to map your local police station.

Met Police Blue Lamp.jpg

News Of The Week

Voting for Plant Nursery

2 previously proposed tag has been putting to the votes of the community. Proposed_features/Plant_nursery aim to classify areas where people grow plants. It uses the landuse=plant_nursery and can be enhanced with another proposed to specify the type of plant.

This proposition is waiting for your vote and comments Here and Here


RFC: Sluice Gate

Sluice gates are used in agricultural areas to control water flow from rivers to irrigation ditches. In some cases, sluice gates are in pairs with one on either side of a dike. This proposition use a new tag waterway=sluice_gate.

This proposition requires your comments and enhancement


Voting on Baby Care

The proposition about a new type of shop for baby care is put to the vote.

Let your votes and comments under the given section of the propositions


RFC: Deaddrops

If you are not convienced yet of the scope of data you can put on osm, check this proposition.

This feature will be useful to locate many usb keys (or other medium ;-) embedded in wall across cities around the world. See project page started by Aram Bartholl since October 2010: [5]

as usual, add your comments to the talk page


How to Modify an existing tag set

Setting a tag has deprecated is not an easy thing in OSM. You can do your proposition and be largely accepted but the old tag will still be used in the render, in old editors , .... Should we change a tags? Is there a better way to do it? What are tthe things you should be carful with? But also how can we facilitate that process?

Time based updates, editors "certifications" and TagCentral are those kind of proposition made in the big debate.



OSM is going to have a booth at the FOSDEM (The Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) in Brussels, Belgium on 5 and 6 of February, 2011. Mappers are invited to help to run the booth (FOSDEM).


Thanks To !i!