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Community Update from 24 January 2011 to 30 January 2011 (week 2011-04)

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Image Of the Week 2011-04

Fugro sample.jpg

Fugro has shared their 40 cm Danish photography with OpenStreetMap [Thanks to Peter Brodersen and Jonas Häggqvist for making this happen]. See the project page for instructions on tracing it with JOSM/Potlatch2.

Project Of The Week : Buildings

Adding buildings to OpenStreetMap has been difficult in the past. Collecting a GPS trace of a building yields poor results because the building interferes with GPS reception. But buildings can be interesting to have on a map. Large collections of buildings in cities can look very impressive. Lone buildings in remote areas can be important landmarks for navigation. Or a shelter from bad weather.

There are more than 28 million buildings in the OpenStreetMap database. Recent donations to OpenStreetMap include contributors of aerial imagery under terms which permit the derivation OSM objects without restriction have made mapping buildings practical in more parts of the world.

The Project of the Month is to add local buildings to the map.

Marburg, Fachwerkhaus von 1321 (2).jpg

News Of The Week

OpenTrailView Updated

OpenTrailView (or otv), that aims to collect linked 360 degree panoramas of walking / hiking routes a la Google StreetView has been updated. You can now "walk through" a series of panoramas but OTV now focuses solely on panoramas, it is no longer collecting regular photos of trails.


Non-Map based editors

Steve Bennett, asked the list if anyone knows an OSM editors that is not map based. These kind of editor can be useful when you try to only edit on tag or one relation especially from another tool. Apart using directly the api or Xapi, someone point a work of a French contributor : RawEdit that let you work with Rest.


RFC : Bare Rock

An old, but stuck, proposal was taken for enhancement,. It has been now reproposed as Bare Rock. This proposal aims to tag areas made principally or mostly of solid rock with tag like natural=bare_rock.

Has usual leave you comments on the appropriate page.


OSM Stats

As shown here, the OSM community adds around 90 000km of highways everyday. New data was added all over the world, growing coverage is particularly visible in emerging regions of the planet. If you are interested of what is going on in OSM, check it out here!


Big thanks to !i!, Pascal, Jonas , Dennis