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Community Update from 30 May 2011 to 05 June 2011 (week 2011-22)

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Image Of the Week 2011-22

Olympic site osm-cloudmade 2011-05.png

Olympic sites starting to appear on the map as the buildings are completed

Project Of The Week : Primary and secondary schools continued

A school may be included in OpenStreetMap as either a node node or areas area, but should not be included as both.

Either way, add the following tags to the school element.

To add more detail consider using mapping other features of the schoolyard and school.

Notizen machen.jpg

Quick News



Other News

Complex versioning of objects

Sometimes you import data from another place to OSM. Some users edit and enhance those objects afterwards. But what do you do if the original source offers a new version of those objects? How to update OSM?

Complex versioning is not really well handled in OSM. We only have a single version number. Discussions started on how to deal with these situations.


Draft : Monastery and Convents

Want to tag a monastery and distinct the different functions of the buildings? This proposal is for you...

As usual, your comments are very welcome on the talk page

Scholarship to SOTM

The State of the Map committee is excited to announce a program to cover full travel and accommodations costs for mappers to attend State of the Map 2011. They are seeking for people from places where costs would prohibit attendance, developing countries, and places that are “interesting” geopolitically.

If you want to apply or know someone that fit the conditions, read more at [2].


Big thanks to AndiPersti, Newnoise and !i! !