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Community Update from 23 May 2011 to 29 May 2011 (week 2011-21)

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Image Of the Week 2011-21

Longest routing.png

23448 km from Vladivostok to South Africa. 301 hrs by car. Probably the longest routing available on any public routing engine. From Cloudmade with OSM data.

Project Of The Week : Education Month

June 2011 is education month. We'll map the places that we associate with educating ourselves and others. Is the primary school that you attended included in OpenStreetMap? Your high school? Add those places to the map. We'll look at post-secondary schools and other places associated with education as the month progresses. Learn about places to learn about places.

Gym Bachgasse.jpg

Quick News



Other News

Another problem with imports

Mass imports of unreviewed data generate a lot of problems. This time again, the import of landuses in Baltimore has generated some problems to the local community. A user describes how he feels about this import on a diary page. More and more people are against blind imports and for a better import policy.

The White House uses OSM

Some mappers may have seen already that the website of the White House uses OSM for some of their maps like [4] or [5].

More and more big sites offer an OSM-based map rendering as an alternative layer or even as the only layer. This is a sign that more people find the project interesting.

Anonymous edits?

Another old debate came up this week on the lists: Some people want the return of anonymous edits. One of the use cases could be a tweet with a particular hashtag and geolocalisation to create a new object on OSM. But anonymous edits come with several problems and are hotly debated.


Sending of mail about ODBL

The possible transition to the ODBL is going forward. OSMF started to send out emails to contributors who haven't yet accepted or declined the new license. For technical reasons, emails are sent gradually instead of all at once.

As for a while now, you can follow the number of accepting or rejecting users on [6] , [7] or [8]

RFC : Towers for lighting

A user proposes a new tag for describing man-made towers designed for the purpose of lighting. While the definition is close of the actual highway=street_lamp, your comments are welcome on the talk page

Voting : Addr keys

After some adjustements the proposal about addr keys has reached the voting phase. Please vote on the proposal page


Big thanks to AndiPersti, Dmgroom, Giggls, Newnoise and !i! !