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Community Update from 06 June 2011 to 12 June 2011 (week 2011-23)

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Image Of the Week 2011-23


Animation of mapping Shevchenko village and Pivnichnjy residential area in Dnipropetrovsk

Project Of The Week : Post-secondary schools, College and University

A university or college may be included in OpenStreetMap as either a node, area, or relation but should not be included as more than one of these. Best practice in OSM is for a single thing to be represented once in the DB.

Either way, add the following tags to the university element.

Note: Often, universities and colleges are larger objects with multiple buildings, walkways, parking areas, recreation areas and other features. Consider mapping these with appropriate detail within the university boundary. These should not have the amenity=university tag. One feature, one OSM element. One university, one area drawn around the university grounds.


Quick News



  • Kothic-js is a new Javascript OSM rendering library using canvas
  • shows the prevailing winds at thousands of places in North America

Other News

Scheduled Maintenance - 23rd June 2011

On 23rd June, a server maintenance is scheduled. Editing or accessing the dumps will not be possible during that period (12 hours).

Check the details for more information.

Disaster Preparedness Project

Do you know where to go in case of a disaster? No? A user has started a project that aims to prepare people for such emergencies. Therefore he needs to create very large maps of his community. People on the mailing list suggested many tools for this task like MapOSMatic, Safety Maps or TownGuide. Another possibility would be to use directly a rendering software like Mapnik.


RFC : Club

This proposal aims to provide a key for the great variety of existing clubs using the same tagging logic of shop=*, office=* and craft=*. Clubs are described as an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal.

Take a look and leave a comment on the Talk page.


Join the Foundation?

Gert Gremmen found out that the OSM Foundation has only about 250 members, which is approximately 0.1% of all registered users. While the foundation aims to support and not to control OSM, it would nevertheless be a good way to take part in decisions like licencing, strategy or other things. But don't fool yourself, OSM is and will remain a do-ocracy


Limits of OSM

Frederik Ramm asked on the list what people think about airspace mapping. While a consensus seems to be "Please map it... but elsewhere :)" there is no possibility in OSM to "block" users that still want to add such things. The question about the limits of OSM came back up again during the discussion.



Big thanks to AndiPersti and !i! !