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Community Update from 20 June 2011 to 26 June 2011 (week 2011-25)

Image Of the Week 2011-25

XHouseT xht1 04.jpg

The XHouseT project allows users to use a set of JOSM presets to edit building details, then render OSM data as X-Plane scenery.

Project Of The Week : Libraries and book stores

Libraries are repositories of information, places of learning and of research. One of the ancient libraries, the Library of Alexandria is credited with comparing different versions of books with empirical standards which became the beginnings of the scientific method. Libraries are filled with adventures of discovery wrapped in layers of shush. Book stores are another source for book-learning, though the brick and mortar versions are dwindling in some places.

The Project of the Week is to add local libraries and book stores to the map.

Pashkov dom ugol.jpg

Quick News



  • Version 0.2 of Leaflet (a javascript library to display tiles) is out! It now supports WMS and GeoJSON.

Other News

RFC: Kerb

A kerb (American English curb) is the edge where a road meets a sidewalk=*. As these are transition points between different surfaces and/or elevations, the locations of kerbs are important features to pedestrians, cyclists, and especially to those with reduced mobility (e.g. in wheelchairs).

The proposed key is kerb=*, and is used on the node of a highway=footway, highway=cycleway, or highway=path at the location of the kerb (at the edge of the street).

Please add your comments to the Talk Page.


Aerodrome Rendering + RFC

Currently small and big aerodromes are rendered the same at low zoom levels. Thus it's impossible to distinguish them and the map looks rather cluttered up (Example). During the discussion on the mailing list a mapper mentioned an old proposal which could resolve the issue.

Leave your comments on the Talk Page.


Big thanks to AndiPersti, Zverik, Stephan75 and !i! !