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name=Name der Carsharing Station

How to name Cambio Carsharing stations?

Using the Station "Max" in Hamburg as an example i see 3 options:

1. just the station name "Max". This is, as far as I could see, the most common way, but has to my opinion some drawbacks.

1.1 A search for "Max" will give pretty many results

1.2 At least my logical way of searching for a Cambio Stations (e.g. Max in Hamburg) is to search for "Cambio Max" which leads us to the second option:

2. Use "Cambio Station-Name", in this case "Cambio Max)

3. The 3rd option I see is to be compliant with the Cambio App and include the abbreviation of the City/Region, in this case "HAM" which would lead to "Cambio HAM Max". This also gives the opportunity to search for "Cambio HAM" which would result in all Cambio Stations in Hamburg.