Diversity Quarterly Project/Proposals

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  • Add wheelchair accessibility on restaurant, museum for each participant town, based on wheelchair=*

To classify

  • Add proper lights in town, so people can know what place are lit at night and which are not, see lit=* nd highway=street_lamp
  • Add more information on existing monument (likely adding to WD) so a list of slave owners, etc could be made using WD + OSM (inspired by https://whentheycamedown.com/ )
  • Add diet choices on restaurant, so people can choose place in accordance to their faith (no pork, no meat, kosher, etc), see diet=*
  • Add camera location, to be able to later see which part of town are more or less policed, see surveillance=*
  • Add areas used with residential=halting_site, used by various groups (including Romani people) in various countries. Inspired by https://twitter.com/Rafumab/status/1358951504040837122 (french initiative to show how the location are often crappy)
  • Add tag for specialized hair salons (eg, specialized for Black hairs), no scheme exist for now.