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Jt osm vending chemist.jpg
Especifica los artículos que vende una máquina expendedora. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Grupo: máquinas expendedoras
Usado en estos elementos
puede ser usado en nodosno puede ser usado en víaspuede ser usado en áreasno puede ser usado en relaciones
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Estado: aprobadoPage for proposal

Especifica el tipo de artículos dispensados por una amenity=vending_machine



A vending machine is a machine which dispenses items after the customer inserts money. See amenity=vending_machine for more information.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
vending admission_tickets nodo Admission Ticket Vending Machine
vending animal_feed nodo Animal feed
Menzenschwand Hirschfutterautomat.jpg
vending art nodo A vending machine that sells art.
Kunstautomat Bad Fallingbostel.JPG
vending bicycle_tube nodo Vending machine for bicycle tubes.
Jt osm schlauch-o-mat-schwalbe.jpg
vending books nodo Books
Book vending machine.jpg
vending bottle_return nodo Reverse vending machine for returning empty bottles
vending bread nodo Bread
vending candles nodo Candles
vending check-in nodo Check-In counter, like camping-site
Vending check-in.png
vending chemist nodo Machine vending chemistry or paramedical products
Jt osm vending chemist.jpg
vending chewing_gums nodo Chewing gums
Wringley's chewing gum vending machine.JPG
vending cigarettes nodo A cigarette machine is a vending machine that dispenses packets of cigarettes.

See also: vending=e-cigarettes

Zigarettenautomat Melsdorf.jpg
vending coffee nodo Coffee
Coffee vending machine.jpg
vending coin_change_machine nodo A coin-change machine that accepts any amount of loose coins, counts them and exchanges them for a voucher. The operator determines where and at what cost the voucher can be redeemed.
Coin change machine.jpg
vending coin_rolls nodo A coin roll machine is a machine that dispenses coins in the form of coin rolls.
vending condoms nodo Condoms selling point
vending contact_lenses nodo Contact lenses
Vending machine with contact lens, Łódź 2020.jpg
vending drinks nodo Soda vending machine: Soft drinks, water, ice tea

For specific drinks, combine with: drink=*

Soda Vending Machine Japan Coast.jpg
vending e-cigarettes nodo An e-cigarette machine is a vending machine that dispenses e-cigarettes or e-cigarette refill cartriges.

See also: vending=cigarettes

Daze Vapor House, Lons-le-Saunier 02.jpg
vending eggs nodo A machine vendings eggs or boxes of eggs
Egg Vending Machine (2751303465).jpg
vending electronics nodo Electronics
vending elongated_coin nodo Elongated coins are coins that have been elongated (flattened or stretched) and embossed with a new design with the purpose of creating a commemorative or souvenir token.
Elongated coin.png
vending excrement_bags nodo Dispensing bags to collect dog poop
Excrement bags-14.svg
Dog excrement bags.jpg
vending feminine_hygiene nodo Feminine hygiene products
vending first_aid nodo First aid
First aid med-o-mat 24h munich 2010 09 28.JPG
vending fishing_bait nodo Live Bait (fishing_bait:live=yes, Frozen Bait (fishing_bait:frozen=yes)

See also: vending=fishing_tackle

Live bait vending machine Brighton Recreation Area.JPG
vending fishing_tackle nodo Fishing equipment (hooks, lines, sinkers, lures...)

See also: vending=fishing_bait

vending flowers nodo Flowers
Flower vending machine.jpg
vending flower_seeds nodo Flower seeds in reusable capsules with the purpose of self-sowing, e.g. at home in your own garden as a food source for bees. The empty capsules can then be thrown into the return bin.
vending food nodo A vending machine for
cheese;eggs;milk;sausages;potatoes;noodles ...
Werrabronn Eierautomat.jpg
vending fuel nodo A vending machine dispensing motor fuel. (Use with: amenity=fuel, vending_machine=yes, vending=fuel )
Vending machine for motor fuel, Thailand.jpg
vending gas_bottles nodo A vending machine for gas bottles.
Vending gas bottles.jpg
vending ice_cream nodo Ice cream
Glico ice cream vending machine.jpg
vending ice_cubes nodo Ice cubes
Ice Machine in resort.jpg
vending ink_cartridges nodo Ink cartridges
HK Fortress Canon Vending machine Feb-2011.JPG
vending laundry_detergent nodo Laundry detergent
Laundry (Bar) Vending Machine.jpg
vending lottery nodo Lottery ticket dispenser
vending milk nodo A machine for fresh milk
Frischmilchautomat Tannheim Gesamtansicht.jpg
vending newspapers nodo Newspapers
Newspaper vending machines in Canada - 20110803.jpg
vending parcel_mail_in nodo Old scheme for dropping off parcels, please don't use it.
Current tagging: amenity=parcel_locker + parcel_mail_in=yes
Fedex+UPS Drop-Box.jpg
vending parcel_pickup nodo Old scheme for picking up parcels, please don't use it.
Current tagging: amenity=parcel_locker (implied + parcel_pickup=yes)
Packstation winter.jpg
vending parking_tickets nodo A machine selling tickets for parking
Parking tickets-14.svg
Parkscheinautomat 01 KMJ.jpg
vending pet_food nodo Machine vending food for domestic pets.
Pet Food-Vending Machine(small).jpg
vending photos nodo Exception, don't use it. Prefer this specific tag: amenity=photo_booth
vending pizza nodo A machine selling pizza
Hot pizza vending machine.jpg
vending public_transport_plans nodo Public transport plans. (Definition unclear, see the page.)
vending public_transport_tickets nodo A machine for bus, tram, train... tickets
Public transport tickets-14.svg
vending raw_milk nodo Raw milk
vending sex_toys nodo Sex toys
vending SIM_cards nodo SIM cards for mobile phones
Simcard Vending Machine.JPG
vending stamps nodo A post stamps selling machine.
Type B52.jpg
vending sweets nodo Sweets
vending syringes nodo Needle vending machines for injecting drug users
091021 1731 99 spritzenautomatart g2416p5ch1immer wieder1 media big.jpg
vending telephone_vouchers nodo Telephone vouchers, telephone cards, or over-the-air prepaid credit top up
vending toll nodo Road Toll vending machine
Toll Point - ticket machine.jpg
vending toys nodo Toys
Jt osm vending machine toy.jpg
vending umbrellas nodo Umbrellas
Spb Umbrella vending machine at Potemkinskaya.jpg
vending water nodo Drinking water
vending wood_pellet nodo A machine selling wood_pellet bags
Vending machine pellet.png

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