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EuroVelo is the European cycle route network, is a project of the European Cyclists' Federation to develop 17 long-distance cycle routes crossing Europe. The planned total length is more than 90 000 km.


A way (road/path) that is part of a EuroVelo route should be a member of a route relation. That relation should be tagged, as a minimum:

Most EuroVelo routes are also national/regional cycle routes, so a way will often be part of two route relations.

The standard practice is to create one route relation for the extent of a EuroVelo route within a country: for example, EuroVelo 3 in France, EuroVelo 12 in the UK, and so on. These relations are then grouped together in a 'super-relation', as listed below. Do not add ways directly to the super-relation.

OSM maps showing EuroVelo routes

EuroVelo state in OpenStreetMap

Route Name Complete Relation Online map Website Incomplete parts
EV1 Atlantic Coast Route yes relation 2763798 link EuroVelo 1 -
EV2 Capitals Route no relation 2003423 link EuroVelo 2 Ireland
EV3 Pilgrim's Route yes relation 299546 link EuroVelo 3 -
EV4 Central Europe Route no relation 2521076 link EuroVelo 4 Poland, Ukraine
EV5 Via Romea Francigena no relation 2764534 link EuroVelo 5 Italy
EV6 Atlantic - Black Sea yes relation 2938 link EuroVelo 6 -
EV7 Sun Route no relation 9549493 link EuroVelo 7 Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Italy
EV8 Mediterranean Route no relation 9191828 link EuroVelo 8 Spain, Italy, Albania, Greece, Cyprus
EV9 Baltic - Adriatic no relation 1168027 link EuroVelo 9 Poland
EV10 Baltic Sea Cycle Route yes relation 2689634 link EuroVelo 10 Poland, Sweden, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast)
EV11 East Europe Route no relation 2766981 link EuroVelo 11 Norway, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia
EV12 North Sea Cycle Route no relation 1207220 link EuroVelo 12 France, United Kingdom
EV13 Iron Curtain Trail no relation 1664664 link EuroVelo 13 Norway, Finland, Russia (mainland and Kaliningrad Oblast), Poland
EV14 Waters of Central Europe no relation 10997256 link EuroVelo 14 Route not completely signposted yet
EV15 Rhine Route yes relation 2171555 link EuroVelo 15 -
EV17 Rhone Route yes relation 6032459 link EuroVelo 17 -
EV19 Meuse Cycle Route yes relation 7298586 link EuroVelo 19 -

Note: remember that most of EV routes are not fully marked in terrain yet

Euroroute R1

Not an EuroVelo route but also a long is distance European cycle route is the Europaradweg R1 or Euroroute-R1, see [1].

Route Name Complete Relation Online map Website
EV1 Euroroute R1 yes relation 1626371 link European Bicycle Route R1

Online map

You can check all of EuroVelo routes on Waymarked Trails ,which is online bicycle routes map based on OSM data


Map of the EuroVelo network.jpg