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EuroVelo is the European cycle route network, is a project of the European Cyclists' Federation to develop 14 long-distance cycle routes crossing Europe. Planned total length is 70 000 km.


A way (road/path) that is part of a EuroVelo route should be a member of a route relation. That relation should be tagged, as a minimum:

Most EuroVelo routes are also national/regional cycle routes, so a way will often be part of two route relations.

The standard practice is to create one route relation for the extent of a EuroVelo route within a country: for example, EuroVelo 3 in France, EuroVelo 12 in the UK, and so on. These relations are then grouped together in a 'super-relation', as listed below. Do not add ways directly to the super-relation.

OSM maps showing EuroVelo routes

EuroVelo state in OpenStreetMap

Route Name OSM status in km % Relation Online map Website
EV1 Atlantic Coast Route 6042 /8186 km 70%.jpg 73,8% relation 2763798 link EuroVelo 1
EV2 Capitals Route 2648 /5500 km 50%.jpg 47,9% relation 2003423 link EuroVelo 2
EV3 Pilgrim's Route 4713 /5122 km 80%.jpg 79,7% relation 299546 link EuroVelo 3
EV4 Central Europe Route 3629 /4000 km 70%.jpg 74,9% relation 2521076 link EuroVelo 4
EV5 Via Romea Francigena 2099 /3900 km 50%.jpg 53.82% relation 2764534 link EuroVelo 5
EV6 Atlantic - Black Sea 4448 /4448 km 100%.jpg 100% relation 2938 link EuroVelo 6
EV7 Sun Route 5623 /7409 km 80%.jpg 75,3% relation 2749837 link EuroVelo 7
EV8 Mediterranean Route 2259 /5888 km 30%.jpg 26,0% relation 2766092 link EuroVelo 8
EV9 Baltic - Adriatic 1670 /1930 km 70%.jpg 67,7% relation 1168027 link EuroVelo 9
EV10 Baltic Sea Cycle Route 7980 /7980 km 100%.jpg 100% relation 2689634 link EuroVelo 10
EV11 East Europe Route 2585 /5984 km 40%.jpg 41,3% relation 2766981 link EuroVelo 11
EV12 North Sea Cycle Route 5932 /5932 km 100%.jpg 100% relation 1207220 link EuroVelo 12
EV13 Iron Curtain Trail 5017 /10400 km 40%.jpg 43,6% relation 1664664 link EuroVelo 13
EV15 Rhine Route 1230 /1230 km 100%.jpg 100% relation 2171555 link EuroVelo 15
EV17 Rhone Route 1160/1160 km relation 6032459 link EuroVelo 17

Note: remember that most of EV routes is not fully marked in terrain yet

Euroroute R1

Not an EuroVelo route but also a long is distance European cycle route is the Europaradweg R1 or Euroroute-R1, see [1].

Route Name OSM status in km % Relation Online map Website
EV1 Euroroute R1 3625 / 3791 km 100%.jpg 100% relation 1626371 link European Bicycle Route R1

Online map

You can check all of EuroVelo routes on Waymarked Trails ,which is online bicycle routes map based on OSM data