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Où la terre rencontre la mer

Environnement marin



La côte est un environnement riche et complexe à la limite de l'environnement marin incluant falaises, plages, ports, pointes, baies, zones humides et îles.

Tagguer les côtes dans OSM

Le tag natural=coastline est utilisé pour marquer le niveau moyen de la marée haute. Voir natural=coastline pour tous les détails. Voir aussi de:Coastline pour plus de détails.

Utiliser les données côtières d'OSM

L'affichage de la côte est souvent plus complexe que pour d'autres éléments et il peut y avoir des délais entre les changements effectués et l'apparition sur la carte.

At low zoom levels (used for z0-9), up to and including zoom level 9, Mapnik renders all the sea as a solid fill of blue, generated from the shapefile, which has a relatively low resolution. At higher zoom levels the coast polygons used are generated from a larger shapefile ( which are automatically generated almost daily from planet dumps + diffs (note: if you edit the coastline then you have to be patient for the result of the changes to render at the higher zoom levels).

The main problem of showing coastlines from OSM data is that Mapnik really needs closed polygons. The polygon can (and normally should) be made of several ways, but the ways should join end-to-end and eventually loop back round without interruption, to close the polygon. An imperfect coastline with many small gaps, reversed ways and other defects will cause the polygon to break, and the coastline to be rendered incorrectly . One of the features of the Coastline error checker is to try and join coastlines in such a way as to make high-quality coastlines even with these imperfections. As the coastlines are uploaded and completed the quality can be checked.

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