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An open-air area where beer is served and you are allowed to bring your own food. Edit or translate this description.
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A biergarten or beer garden is an open-air area with benches where beer (and other beverages) is served. Food may be served, but you are allowed to bring your own food. They originate in Southern Germany.

To be clear, a biergarten is not the same as (what is known in the UK as) a "beer garden", i.e., an outside area associated with a pub. These are not biergartens in the Southern German sense and may be tagged as a beer_garden or by adding outdoor_seating=* to the pub, cafe or restaurant.

How to Map

Définissez un nœud nœud au centre de l’objet ou tracez une zone zone le long du contour. Tag it with amenity=biergarten and name=*.

Instead of mapping a distinct object many mappers are using the tag biergarten=yes, if there is a biergarten attached to a restaurant or pub.

Useful Combination

Use these possible tags to expand the feature further.

  • cuisine=* - The cuisine tag is for the type of food served.
  • capacity=* - The capacity tag is for indicting the volume of people allowed.
  • brewery=* - The brewery tag is for a location name that sells beer from a brewery.

To map further about a specific biergarten here are some examples.

  • addr=* - The addr tag is the prefix for several addr:* keys to describe the address of a biergarten.
  • operator=* - The operator tag is used to name a company, corporation, person or any other entity who is in charge of the operation of a biergarten.
  • ref:vatin=* - The ref:vatin is a tag to add the VAT identification number to a biergarten. See the wikipedia page about [W] VAT identification numbers.
  • opening_hours=* - The opening hours tag describes the hours when the biergarten is open or closed.
  • wikipedia=* - The wikipedia tag provides a link to Wikipedia's article about the biergarten.
  • phone=* - The phone tag is for a telephone number associated with the biergarten.

See Also

The term biergarten originates from Southern Germany.[1] See the wikipedia page [W] beer garden for more information about the history of a biergarten.


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